Capstone Evaluations for GEOG 596A and GEOG 596B

The capstone project is composed of two courses: 596A, where the student develops the capstone project, and 596B, where the student delivers the capstone project. The student is evaluated during both courses and assigned a final grade.

During the capstone process you will be evaluated by your adviser as well as provide and receive feedback from other students through a peer-review evaluation. Below are the forms that are filled in by the adviser that evaluate your ability to develop a project, determine how you accomplish your project (the methodology) and your ability to resolve issues that may arise as well as communicate your findings (written and oral).

Geog 596A: Part I: Student Capstone (Development of Capstone Project)

Geog 596A: Peer Review Evaluation The evaluation is provided after the student has given their online peer-review presentation and provides feedback on the communication skills covering presentation organization, context and slide composition. Feedback is anonymous.

Geog 596A: Student Evaluation by the adviser. The adviser fills in an evaluation using the following questions and assigns a final grade that captures the student’s ability to develop a project idea and communicate their idea effectively.

  • Provide an overall assessment of the student's performance through the term.
  • Did the student show creativity and initiative in originating the topic and then developing it?
  • What contribution to the advancement or application of GIScience does this capstone project propose?
  • Was the student receptive to critique? Was the response to advisor suggestions creative?
  • Did the student show improvement through the term in developing weaker areas of the original capstone project concept?
  • Please assign a final letter grade for the student's performance. Grades range from A-F.

Geog 596B: Part II (Completion and Delivery of Capstone Project)

Geog 596B. Student Evaluation by the adviser. Similar to Geog 596A, the adviser evaluates the student on their ability to complete their project. To do so the adviser completes their evaluation using the following questions.

  • Provide an overall assessment of the student's performance in completing the capstone project.
  • Did the student carry out the original objectives of the capstone proposal (was the proposed contribution to GIScience met)? If objectives changed, did the student have a compelling rationale for making these changes?
  • Were there significant obstacles in achieving the project goals? If so, how did the student respond to the challenges?
  • Describe the Capstone Project presentation venue or journal submission.
  • How did the student perform in the presentation? What did the student do well? What could have been improved? Do you feel listeners/readers were left with a clear understanding of the results of the capstone project?
  • Please assign a final letter grade for the student's performance. Grades range from A-F.

If you are unclear about the evaluation and grading process at any time talk to your adviser.