Capstone Project Resources

Individuals enrolled in the Graduate Certificate of GEOINT Analytics require 1 credit of GEOG 594a as a culminating experience. To successfully complete GEOG 594a, students must complete an analysis project using GIS and/or remote sensing tools and techniques.

GEOG 594b is a required course for Penn State's iMPS-HLS (Geospatial Intelligence Option) program. GEOG 597b is the culminating experience of the iMPS-HLS and requires the student to demonstrate analytic skills and a high-level of writing competency. GEOG 594a, Analytic Experience in Geospatial Intelligence, is a prerequisite to GEOG 594b.

The overarching purpose of both GEOG 594a and GEOG 594b is to demonstrate your ability to identify and investigate a real-world problem using a substantial amount of your past coursework.