Capstone Project Resources

The capstone project demonstrates an MGIS student's ability to apply advanced knowledge and skills related to geographic information systems in a way that makes a substantial contribution to his or her professional work. For most students the project culminates in a formal public presentation, attended by the student's adviser, a member of the graduate faculty associated with the MGIS program. The presentation takes place at an appropriate professional conference (such as annual conferences of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association, the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, or Esri). Students also have the option of writing an article for a peer reviewed journal.

Capstone Project Overview

The Capstone Project Overview page lists the requirements for GEOG 596A and GEOG 596B.

Capstone Project Library

The Capstone Project Library stores 596A capstone proposals, 596B presentations, final capstone reports, and other capstone information.

Capstone Project Presentations

Here you will find a table that lists where MGIS students have presented their capstone projects in the past and where they will be presenting in the future.

Exemplary Capstone Projects

Here you will find a few exemplary student capstone projects for the Penn State MGIS program.

Capstone Project Ideas from Faculty

A number of Penn State faculty have shared their research interests for students who are undecided about a capstone topic.

Capstone Project Ideas from MGIS Advisory Board Members

MGIS Advisory Board members have expressed willingness to work with MGIS students on their capstone projects.

Capstone Development Workshop

The Capstone Development Workshop is a free workshop that will familiarize you with the capstone process and will help you develop your ideas.