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Past Capstone Project Presentations
Student Venue Date Title Session Location Time Notes
Kristen Stanley Annual Meeting of the South Central Chapter of Society of Toxicology Mar 19, 2008 Use of GIS to Evaluate Health Risks for Contaminated Water Diving in U.S. Waterways   National Center for Toxicological Research, Jefferson, AR 6:00 AM time TBA
Carrie Spehar Northeast Branch of the American Society of Agronomy Jul 1, 2008     Montreal, Canada 6:00 AM date/time TBA
Christopher Goranson 2008 International Society for Disease Surveillance Seventh Annual Conference Dec 4, 2008 Cluster Detection Comparison in Syndromic Surveillance Poster Presentation Raleigh, N.C. 6:00 PM  
Eric Wolvovsky International Conference on Interactive Information Processing Systems for Meteorology, Oceanography Jan 11, 2009       4:00 PM  
Robert Pliszka Professional paper Feb 19, 2009 Case Study: Spatially Mapping Above-Ground Biomass (AGB) Levels Using Varying Resolution Imagery Data   paper submitted to Northern Journal of Applied Forestry 1:00 AM  
Alexander Smith 2009 North Carolina GIS Conference Feb 19, 2009 Improving Fire Response Times and Unit Protocol GIS Support Tools for Emergency Management Raleigh, NC 2:30 PM  
Joseph Ludwig ESRI Federal User Conference Feb 20, 2009 Developing a Spatial Hazard Index Methodology Using ModelBuilder Managing the Environment for Public Safety and Welfare Using GIS Room 209, Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC 8:30 AM  
Dennis Oberlie 2009 Annual Colorado-Wyoming American Fisheries Society meeting Feb 23, 2009 Determining rangeland suitability for cattle grazing based on distance-to-water, terrain and barriers to movement   Loveland, Colorado 12:00 AM date/time TBA
Karen Schuckman ASPRS Annual Conference Mar 11, 2009 Penn State's Open Educational Resource (OER) Initiative for Web-Based course on LIDAR Technology and Applications TS18, Lidar I Laurel Room A & B, Baltimore, MD 1:00 PM  
Douglas Sheldon Towson University GIS Conference Mar 16, 2009 Web Mapping with Open Standards and Software: Building a WMS Crime Viewer with OpenLayers Concurrent Sessions #1 Exhibit Showcase and Special Sessions 10:45 AM  
Robert Cox AAG annual meeting in Las Vegas Mar 24, 2009 Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Effectively Communicate Spatial Concepts and Data Related to Military Landscapes Landscape Perspectives on Military Places and Spaces North Hall N102 1:40 PM  
Craig Eissler AAG annual meeting in Las Vegas Mar 24, 2009 Hazard Risk Awareness & Visualization System (H-RAVS) Hazards and Health; Land Use and Environment Grande Ballroom EF, Riviera Hotel, 1st Floor 5:20 PM  
Geney Terry AAG annual meeting in Las Vegas Mar 24, 2009 An Evaluation of GIS Server and Database Products for Dissemination of Public Data GIS for Storage and Dissemination of Public Data North Hall N107, Las Vegas Convention Center 6:00 PM  
Kimberly Rohrs AAG annual meeting in Las Vegas Mar 25, 2009 Effect of Elevation Datasets on Hurricane Storm Surge Inundation Mapping in the Florida Keys Applied Geography, Spatial Analysis and Modeling, and Cartography Grande Ballroom EF, Riviera Hotel, 1st Floor 10:10 AM  
Jason Setzer AAG annual meeting in Las Vegas Mar 25, 2009 Leveraging GIS for Projecting Data in Virtual Earth Applications and Issues in Web-Based GIS North Hall N120, Las Vegas Convention Center 5:20 PM  
Sterling Quinn AAG annual meeting in Las Vegas Mar 27, 2009 A predictive model for frequently viewed tiles in a Web map GIS and mapping on the Web Capri 113, Riviera Hotel 10:10 AM  
Jon Jones 2009 ESRI Southeast Regional User Group (SERUG) Conference Apr 27, 2009 Dynamic Generation of Hurricane Evacution Routes   Jacksonville, FL 6:00 AM date/time TBA
Mitchell Koyle ESRI Southeast Regional User Group Conference Apr 29, 2009 Classification of Southern Pine Stands by Correlating LiDAR and Timber Cruise Data   Ballroom 1 at the Hyatt Regency Riverfront Hotel in Jacksonville, FL 11:30 AM  
Sarah Merz IMAGIN Conference and Expo May 4, 2009 Finding Potential Wind Turbine Locations in Northwest Lower Michigan TBA Lansing, MI (Causeway Bay Hotel) 6:00 AM date/time TBA
Andrew Parker GIS EveryWhere: WAURISA May 4, 2009 Open Source Web Mapping: a non-developers perspective Web Mapping Applications Bellevue, WA 7:00 AM date/time TBA
Timothy Love The 17th International Conference on Geoinformatics Aug 13, 2009 Development and Implementation of a Sustainable GIS at the West Rhode Riverkeeper Organization Disaster Monitoring and Management George Mason University, VA, USA 2:30 PM  
William Forsyth Chesapeake Section American Water Works Association (CSAWWA) Annual Conference Aug 14, 2009 Using GIS with AutoCAD to Develop Plans for Water Main Replacement Projects   Rocky Gap, Maryland 8:30 AM  
Michael Braymen North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) Oct 7, 2009 A GIS Tool for Evaluating Distortion of Projections   Sacramento 1:00 AM date/time TBA
Allen Cousins ESRI Electrical and Gas User Group Conference (EGUG) Oct 11, 2009     Atlanta, GA 6:00 AM  
Bruce Kinner ESRI Electrical and Gas User Group Conference (EGUG) Oct 13, 2009 Evaluating GIS for Disaster Management Session – Taking GIS to the Limit I Atlanta, GA 9:30 AM  
Ruth Trudell New York State Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Conference Oct 25, 2009     Lake Placid 6:00 AM  
Carrie Burkholder 2009 American Association of Geographers Middle States Division Meeting Nov 6, 2009     SUNY in New Paltz, NY 6:00 AM  
Andrew Grogan ASPRS/MAPPS 2009 Fall Conference Nov 17, 2009 Creating a Spatial Analysis Model for Generating Composite Cost Surfaces to Depict Cross Country Mobility in Natural Terrain Session Track E San Antonio 2:30 PM  
Elizabeth Willy Wildlife Society Western Section Annual Conference Jan 26, 2010     Visalia, CA 6:00 AM date/time TBA
Russell Lundstrum US Army Corps of Engineers South Atlantic Division Ranger Conference Feb 11, 2010 Understanding Sedimentation and Land Use Cover Relationships in the Lake Sidney Lanier Watershed   Savannah, GA 2:00 PM date/time TBA
Scott Byron 2010 ESRI Petroleum Users Group Conference Feb 23, 2010 Risk-Based Pipeline Route Optimization for the Persian Gulf Region Pipelines, Integrity Management and Risk Assessment Houston Marriott Westchase - Richmond Room 1:30 PM  
Erik Martin AWRA Spring Specialty conference Mar 29, 2010     Orlando 6:00 AM Link 1
Steve Henderson National Hurricane Conference Apr 1, 2010 Using GIS for Utility Protection and to Expedite Recovery after a Hurricane   Orlando, FL 3:30 PM This is not Steve's capstone project, but it is likely of interest to some folks.
Christopher Kahn American Water Works Association - New Jersey Chapter, Annual Conference Apr 15, 2010 Company Property Assets: Leverage GIS to Provide Access & Analysis   Atlantic City, NJ 1:30 PM  
Brad Shirey American Association of Geographers Annual Conference Apr 18, 2010 Land Evaluation Site Assessment - A GIS Land Preservation Application Spatial Analysis & Modeling II - #5513 Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, 2660 Woodley Rd NW, Washington DC, 4:00 PM Room 8209 Park Tower, Marriott, Lobby Level
Thomas Heutte GIS-PRO 2010, URISA's 48th Annual conferance for GIS Professionals Apr 26, 2010 On line GIS training for USDA Forest Service Biologists Luncheon Table Sessions Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, Orlando, Florida 10:30 AM This will be a "table session" presented to two groups or ten or so people.
Saskia Cohick PEMA quarterly training May 5, 2010 Urban to Rural Evacuation in north central Pennsylvania   Ramada, State College 1:00 PM closed event
Joseph Wilde PAGIS conference May 11, 2010 Real Time Spray Monitoring System For Use in Industrial Vegetation Management     1:30 PM  
Olufunso Ogidan TUgis 2010 May 24, 2010 Statewide Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment for Maryland Concurrent Session #2 (Environmental Applications II) Chesapeake II, Towson University, MD 1:30 PM  
Stephanie Potts   Jul 7, 2010 Predicting Repeat Burglaries in Washington DC Using ArcGIS and Signature Analyst   Monthly GEOINT brown bag series at my place of employment in McLean VA 12:00 PM Todd Bacastow approved
Christopher Pekar Society for Conservation GIS Conference Jul 10, 2010 Landscape Modeling for Blue Wing Teal: A Weighted Criterion Approach GIS Tools for Bird Conservation Monterey, California 10:30 AM  
Quaye Trimble ESRI International User Conference - San Diego Jul 13, 2010 BERMVis: A Web Mashup for Coastal Monitoring Web-based Marine GIS Room 28 A 3:15 PM  
Michelle Ballinger Kansas City ARC/Info User's Group meeting Jul 13, 2010 Blueprint for Creating an Open Source Web Map   Johnson County Kansas (AIMS) 6:00 AM  
Benjamin Sher ESRI International User Conference - San Diego Jul 13, 2010 Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resource Allocation   Room 17 B 10:15 AM  
Narmina Lovely ESRI International User Conference - San Diego Jul 13, 2010 Early Development Cost Analysis Using GIS Petroleum—Analysis Room 28 C 10:15 AM  
Edward Ashton ESRI International User Conference - San Diego Jul 15, 2010 Viewshed Creation: From Digital Terrain Model to Digital Surface Model Terrain Modeling and Analysis Room 29 D 3:15 PM  
Eric Wing Northwest GIS User’s Conference Sep 16, 2010 Leveraging Linear Referencing to Map Sewer Events from CCTV Logs   Spokane, WA 1:30 PM  
Thomas Heutte GIS-PRO 2010, URISA Sep 29, 2010 On line GIS training for USDA Forest Service Biologists Luncheon Table Sessions Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, Orlando, Florida 12:00 PM table session presented to two groups or ten or so people
Michael Team URISA GIS-Pro Sep 30, 2010 Demographic and Spatial Analysis of North Carolina's Nuclear Plants   Orlando, FL 10:30 AM  
James Kompanek West Virginia Archaeological Society Oct 9, 2010 Using GIS to Inventory Historic Architecture of the Highlawn Neighborhood of Huntington, West Virginia   Moundsville, West Virginia 6:00 AM  
Leslie Zolman ESRI Health GIS Conference Oct 18, 2010 Using GIS to Assess Areas of Most Need   Denver 12:00 AM  
David Treat 25th Annual Northeast Arc Users Group Conference Nov 10, 2010 New Hampshire Land Conservation Mapper Natural Resources Newport, Rhode Island 8:30 AM  
Brian Marchand ASPRS/CaGIS 2010 Fall Specialty Conference with a special joint symposium of ISPRS Technical Commiss Nov 17, 2010 Feature-level Flood Inundation Detection and Alerting ISPRS WG IV/8: 3D Spatial Data Integration for Disaster Management and Environmental Monitoring Doubletree Hotel, Orlando, FL 10:00 AM  
Kimberly Pettit Western States Land Commissioners Association Winter Conference Jan 10, 2011   Surface Management Committee Meeting Long Beach, CA 1:45 PM  
James Earwood International Lidar Mapping Forum (ILMF) Conference 2011 Feb 9, 2011 Open Source Tools for Treatment of Lidar-derived Terrain Models GIS/Data Processing, Handling, Management Astor Ballroom, New Orleans 8:30 AM  
Jill Bernhard 2011 California GIS Conference Mar 29, 2011 Developing an Open Web Mapping Application Geospatial Technologies: Using OpenLayers to Build Rich, Web-based GIS Applications Fresno, CA, Salon A2 3:30 PM  
Andrew Davis AAG Annual Meeting Apr 13, 2011 GeoGoshen: A Web Mapping Tool for Scout Education and Enrichment   Seattle 5:20 PM  
Mansour Arab AAG Annual Meeting Apr 14, 2011 A Web Mapping Approach to Maintain a Collaborative Geospatial Database Web Service Technology for GISciences Seattle 9:20 AM  
Matthew Beckley AAG Annual Meeting Apr 14, 2011 Creating Drainage Basins of Antarctica using GIS Users, Uses, and Value of Remotely Sensed Data and GIS 3B - Washington State Convention Center, Level 3 3:20 PM  
Anderson Brooms AAG Annual Meeting Apr 15, 2011 Creating a Time Based Street Network for Emergency Responders   Seattle 10:40 AM  
Jimmy Kroon AAG Annual Meeting Apr 15, 2011 Spatio-Temporal Cluster Detection Using AMOEBA Space, Time, & Health I Seattle 12:40 PM  
Ryan Liddell AAG Annual Meeting Apr 16, 2011 Estimating Rooftop Solar Electricity Potential in Seattle with LiDAR Data LiDAR Remote Sensing Applications 619 - Washington State Convention Center Level 6 1:20 PM  
Eric Cromwell ESRI EdUC Jul 10, 2011 GIS is STEM: Maryland's GIS Initiative     6:00 AM  
Christy Graves Florida Surveying & Mapping (FSMS) Annual Conference Aug 13, 2011 Integrating Point Cloud Data into Civil 3D Tier II Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village, St. Augustine, FL 10:00 AM  
Linda Foster GIS in the Rockies Conference Sep 1, 2011 Improving Cadastre: Development of a Workflow Prototype Using ESRI's Parcel Fabric Bridging the Gap Cable Center, Denver, CO 6:00 AM  
Brian Aldrich GIS in the Rockies Sep 1, 2011 Choosing a Platform to Support a Web Based Collaborative GIS Environment Value of GIS Track Session T-1 in Room 3, Denver, CO 9:00 AM  
Susannah McClendon GIS in the Rockies Sep 1, 2011 The Role of Geospatially-oriented Social Media Communication in Disaster Response (T3) - Emerging Technologies The Cable Center - Denver, CO 2:30 PM  
Maureen O'Mara COSIT 2011 Sep 12, 2011 Multi-Disciplinary Reconciliation: An Applied Ontology of Spatial Thinking and Reasoning Workshop on Ontology of Spatial Thinking and Reasoning Belfast, Maine 1:00 PM  
Kevin Stofan USCENTCOM/USSOCOM Sep 14, 2011 Assessing the influence of agricultural production on the Taliban insurgency: A spatial and temporal lag approach   Tampa, FL 2:00 PM  
Howard Yamaguchi Michigan Communities GIS Conference Sep 22, 2011 Small and Rural Township GIS Local Track Boyne Mountain, MI 3:15 PM Panel presentation by project participants
Sarah Troedson NACIS Oct 13, 2011 Using Web-Based Tools to Share Symbology: A Case Study with Mapmakers from the California Department of Water Resources Empirical Findings Madison, WI 11:30 AM  
Jeffrey Rester Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission meeting Oct 19, 2011 Changes in Abundance of Groundfish Species in the Northern Gulf of Mexico   Royal Sonesta Hotel, 300 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 10:30 AM  
Duane Treadon Seven Hills Regional User Group (SHRUG) 2011 Workshop Nov 9, 2011 Georgia's Opportunity Zone Identification, A Spatial Approach   Florida State Convention Center, Tallahassee, Florida 6:00 AM  
Elena Horvath American Water Resources Association Annual Water Resources Conference Nov 10, 2011 Using GIS for Prioritization in Subwatershed Restoration Session 66 Albuquerque, NM Hyatt Regency 1:30 PM  
Andrew Furne Brown Bag – Technology Focus Group Dec 2, 2011 Counting Calories Spatially: Optimizing Cross-US Running Routes   Norfolk, VA 1:00 PM  
Jon Soderberg American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting Dec 7, 2011 Crowdsourcing Aquatic Resource Data Collection: Exploring Effective Methods to Collect and Rectify Citizen Contributed Data   San Francisco, California 8:00 AM Poster Session- 8am to 4 pm
Paulina Fernandez Luengo Shell Oil Dec 12, 2011 Standard Procedures for Geohazard Assessments   Houston, TX (Woodcreek campus) 2:00 PM  
Samantha Herrera ConocoPhillips Dec 13, 2011 Modeling U.S. Oil Refinery Production Effects on Domestic Supply and Demand   Houston, TX 10:00 AM  
Kera Mariotti Annual St. Mary's Cemetery Association Member Meeting Feb 16, 2012 Mapping St. Mary's Cemetery   Sacred Heart Parish Center, Genesee, PA 7:00 PM  
Jacob Gilly AAG Annual Meeting Feb 24, 2012 Assisting The Community Of Yei, Republic Of South Sudan With GIS Free and Open Source (FOSS) Geospatial Technologies and Applications New York, NY 10:40 AM  
Michael Winiski 2012 AAG Conference Feb 25, 2012 Landscape of Remembrance: Spatial Distribution of New Orleans Katrina Commemorations Remembering ... what? Memory, identity and politics II Sutton Parlor North, Second Floor, Hilton NY 10:00 AM  
John Wolf 2012 AAG Conference Feb 26, 2012 Communicating Chesapeake Bay Water Quality Issues Using Three Dimensional and Temporal Geographic Information Systems Cognition, Behavior, Representation, II: People & Design Riverside Ballroom, Third Floor, Sheraton Hotel, New York 2:40 PM  
Matthew Boyter 16th Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology Mar 2, 2012     Florence Italy 12:00 AM  
Jessica Longshore American Society for Quality Chapter 1524 meeting Mar 15, 2012 Where are we going?   Residents Inn by Marriott, Melbourne, FL 6:45 PM  
Tim Gibbs Society for American Archaeology Apr 19, 2012 Archaeology of Ancestral Puebloans and Paquime   Memphis, TN 8:45 AM  
Ehren Hill ISCRAM 2012 Conference Apr 24, 2012 CR-Site: An Infrastructure Siting Tool for Crisis Response   Vancouver, Canada 4:00 PM there is also a poster session at 11AM on April 24
Mark Aurit ESRI Southeast User Conference Apr 30, 2012 Winter Strawberry Production in West Central Florida, at what cost? A GIS Analysis of the relationship between groundwater pumping for frost-freeze protection and sinkhole development   Buena Vista Palace Hotel, Lake Buena Vista, FL 6:00 AM  
Ryan Hippenstiel World Renewable Energy Forum May 15, 2012 Computing Solar Energy Potential of Urban Areas Using Airborne LIDAR and Orthoimagery Energy Generation, Distribution, & Transportation Resource Assessment Methods (Ignite) Denver, CO 1:15 PM  
Beth Norton Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM) conference May 21, 2012 3-D Flood Risk Visualization   San Antonio, TX Conference Room 3 12:00 PM  
Gary Montgomery National Water Conference May 21, 2012 Using LiDAR-Derived Digital Elevation Models to Predict Wet Soils   Marriott Waterfront, Portland, Oregon 12:00 PM  
Thu-Huong Nguyen COM-Geo 2012 Jul 1, 2012 MapMyTrip app for Android Smart Phone Technical Briefing Papers Session I Washington D.C. 1:15 PM  
Theresa Firestine COM.Geo Jul 1, 2012 Effectiveness of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)   Washington D.C. 3:00 PM  
Patricia Hansen International Statistical Ecology Conference Jul 4, 2012     Krokkleiva, Norway 12:00 AM  
William Ostrander Society for Conservation GIS Jul 21, 2012 The Development of GIS Tools to Aid Avian Site Evaluation   Monterey, CA 2:00 PM  
Michael Rink ESRI International User Conference Jul 24, 2012     San Diego, CA 6:00 AM  
Vanessa Damato ESRI International User Conference Jul 24, 2012 Cluster Analysis on Demographics in Human Trafficking Source Provinces, Cambodia Humanitarian Information for Decision Support Room 27A, San Diego Convention Center 10:15 AM  
Jeri Ledbetter ESRI International User Conference Jul 24, 2012 Inventory, Assessment, and Stewardship of Springs Ecosystems through Geocollaboration Habitat Modeling I session Room 28B, San Diego Convention Center 3:15 PM  
William Dietze 2012 Esri International User Conference Jul 25, 2012 Using GIS to Measure Modern Development at Teotihuacan, Mexico Archaeology and Sites Protection Methods Room: Room 28 E 8:30 AM  
Todd Spangler GIS in the Rockies Sep 21, 2012 Federal Geospatial Policies and Platforms Enabling Data Sharing: Challenges and Opportunities for the Future USGS National Map Data Denver 9:30 AM  
Benjamin Shelton GIScience 2012 conference Sep 21, 2012 Improving Pedestrian Flow: Agent-Based Modelling and Space Syntax within GIS Space-time simulation Columbus, OH 10:30 AM  
Valerie Johnson GIS in the Rockies Conference Sep 21, 2012 Emergency Preparedness: Using Local and Federal Data and ArcGIS to Analyze Potential Human and Economic Impacts of Flooding   Denver, Colorado 1:30 PM  
Loren Pfau GIS in the Rockies Sep 21, 2012 How Geospatial Technologies are Changing Search and Rescue Emergency Response and Preparedness Denver 2:30 PM  
Lawrence Svien MN GIS/LIS Consortium, Annual Conference Oct 4, 2012 The restoration of a historical sediment study and the use of LIDAR in the determination of elevations on in the Whitewater River Valley   Minnesota, USA, River’s Edge Convention Center St. Cloud, MN 11:30 AM  
Tiernan Erickson 35th Applied Geography Conference Oct 12, 2012 Using a Cellular Automata Urban Growth Model to Estimate the Completeness of an Aggregated Road Dataset   Minneapolis 3:30 PM  
Richard Tinnell NACIS 2012 Oct 19, 2012 Augmenting Yosemite’s Paper Maps Orienting the User Portland, Oregon 10:15 AM  
Shane Seitz American Anthropological Associations Annual Meeting Nov 18, 2012 Space and Relationships: Rethinking the Built Environment Archaeology division San Francisco, California 9:15 AM  
Wendy Gross 5th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress Dec 3, 2012 LagMap: A Web-mapping Tool to Explore Historic Spatial and Temporal Drivers of Fire-Climate Relationships Using Superposed Epoch Analysis   Portland Oregon Convention Center 9:00 AM  
Jeffrey Reichman Brown Bag (Corporate presentation N- NGA east and west) Jan 23, 2013 Effectiveness of linear analysis methods to GIS-supported threat event analysis   St Louis, NGA 11:00 AM  
Matthew Garrod ESRI International Developers Summit Mar 26, 2013 Running with GIS – A Penn State Capstone Project User Presentations Palm Springs, CA Mesquite C 1:35 PM  
Ashley Hayes 3rd Conference on Invasion Biology, Ecology, and Management Apr 3, 2013 A GIS Analysis of Surface Disturbance and Invasive Species Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing Operations in the Marcellus Shale Detection, Mapping, and Monitoring University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 6:00 AM  
Michael Giangrande 2013 Annual Association of American Geographers Meeting Apr 9, 2013 Approaching Geography of Poverty Through the Journey to Work 1674 Alternative Geographies of Poverty: Penn State Research on the Global North Los Angeles 5:00 PM  
Timothy Dewland AAG 2013 Apr 10, 2013 An Analysis of Boston’s Bicycling Infrastructure   Los Angeles, CA 8:00 AM  
Bryce Batchman AAG Annual Meeting Apr 11, 2013 Crime Analysis Automation Spatial Analysis Malibu Parlor 3178, Westin, 31st Floor (Los Angeles, CA) 9:00 AM  
David Marquardt AAG Apr 13, 2013 Aggregating USDA Agriculture Census records by zip code to augment farm location models Networks and Models, methodological perspectives Los Angeles, CA 6:00 AM  
Gary Huffman AAG 2013 Apr 13, 2013 Using Natural Language Processing Tools to Perform Spatial Searches of OpenStreetMap data in ArcGIS Map Design and Neocartography III San Fernando, Westin, Lobby Level 2:00 PM  
Wendy Welch 9th Washington Hydrogeology Symposium Apr 24, 2013 Adapting the Arc Hydro Groundwater Data Model and Tools to a Hydrogeologic Framework for the Kitsap Peninsula, Kitsap, Mason and Pierce Counties, Washington 7A Modeling and Data Management Hotel Murano in Tacoma, Washington 2:40 PM  
Susan Pool AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists) Annual Convention & Exhibition May 22, 2013 A Preliminary Geology-Based Natural Gas Resource Assessment of the Marcellus Shale for West Virginia Theme 2: World Class Resources Emerge from a Historic Basin Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; David L. Lawrence Convention Center; Rooms 403/404/405 11:30 AM  
Matthew Wechsler FOSS4GNA 2013 May 22, 2013 Get More Out of Your Web Map Service with SLD   Marriott City Center, Minneapolis, MN, St. Croix 1 Room 1:00 PM  
Aimee Belanger-Haas Esri Education GIS Conference Jul 6, 2013 Analyzing Student Demographics at Clark State Community College, OH Advancing Educational Decision Making in Planning, Research, and Operations: Part 1 Room La Costa, San Diego, CA 1:30 PM  
Barry Miller Esri International User Conference Jul 10, 2013 An Automated, Multi-Criteria, Weighted Overlay Approach to Helicopter Landing Zones Modeling and Simulation in Defense San Diego, San Diego Convention Center, Room: Omni Ballroom C 8:30 AM  
Larry Nierth Esri International User Conference Jul 11, 2013 Flooding Inundation and Modeling   San Diego, room 30D 1:30 PM  
James Allen Society for Conservation GIS Jul 16, 2013 Using Citizen Science and Volunteered Geographic Information to Augment Biological Collections Data Volunteer Geographic Information & Participatory Mapping Monterey California 4:00 PM  
Jesse Mourer North Country Trail National Conference Aug 12, 2013 NCT Maintenance GIS Learn from "Outreach" in Pennsylvania Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock PA 16057 6:00 AM  
William Gallaway Prince William County District Science Conference Aug 28, 2013 GIS For Geology and Environmental Science Curriculum   Kelly Leadership Center in Dale City, VA 6:00 AM  
Douglas Hamilton Central Florida GIS Workshop Sep 17, 2013 Volunteered Geographic Services - The Case of Fleet Management Technical Presentations Salon 9, Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, FL 11:30 AM  
Bruce Barrow URISA Sep 17, 2013 The Undivided Garment: Plats, Parcel Fabric, and GIS   Providence, RI 1:00 PM  
Steven Storie GeoWest 2013 Sep 19, 2013 Use of Geospatial Methods by the Thunder Basin Grassland Prairie Ecosystem Association Applied GIS-Energy and Wildlife (Ewild) UW Conference Center & Laramie Hilton Garden Inn, Garden 1 , Laramie, WY 10:40 AM  
Pamela Cowher ESRI Mid-Atlantic User Conference Sep 30, 2013 MS4 & TMDL Permit Software Analysis & Design for Norfolk, Virginia   Hyatt Regency Baltimore, Baltimore, MD 6:00 AM  
Susan Hulsey North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) Oct 9, 2013 Symbol Sharing Tools for Cartographers at NASA   Greenville, SC 6:00 AM  
William McDevitt 32nd Digital Avionics Systems Conference Oct 9, 2013 The Last 200 Feet - A Low-Cost Approach to Landing Aircraft in Zero-Zero Conditions Track 3 "Communications - Navigation - Surveillance (CNS) Systems”, Session C, “Navigation”. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Syracuse, Syracuse, NY 1:30 PM  
George Sprehn South Florida GIS Expo Oct 10, 2013 Walking for Leisure: Combining GIS and an Audit Instrument to Evaluate Urban Design Qualities   West Palm Beach 2:00 PM  
Jessica Rhodes ESRI Mid-Atlantic User Conference Oct 11, 2013     Baltimore, Maryland 6:00 AM  
Andrew Becker Virginia Master Naturalist Statewide Conference Systems (VAMLIS) conference Oct 19, 2013 A Geographic Information System (GIS) Approach to Amphibian Breeding Pool Prediction   Jefferson Building, Wyndham Virginia Crossings Hotel & Conference Center, 1000 Virginia Center Parkway, Glen Allen, VA 1:30 PM  
Brian King Texas Archaeological Society Meetings Oct 25, 2013 Geospatial Analysis of Archaeological Sites, Water, and Early Agriculture in Ocampo, Tamaulipas, Mexico   Del Rio, Texas 5:00 PM  
Kevin Box Geological Society of America Annual Meeting Oct 30, 2013 Using Multispectral Data to Target Potentially Gold-Bearing Conglomerates in the Marble Bar Basin, Western Australia T73. GIS and Remote Sensing Applications in Environmental and Engineering Geology Colorado Convention Center, Room 203, Denver, CO 2:50 PM  
Roger Bannister The Geological Society of America Annual Meeting Oct 30, 2013 Incorporating Professional Judgment Into Groundwater Contouring Tools Within ArcGIS T73. GIS and Remote Sensing Applications in Environmental and Engineering Geology Colorado Convention Center Room 203, Denver, Colorado 3:05 PM  
Michael Bender 2013 Applied Geography Conference Oct 31, 2013 Predicting Pumice Raft Trajectories T4 Sessions - Physical Geography section Senate A room, Westin Hotel & Resort, Annapolis, MD 3:30 PM  
Jan Ducnuigeen AWRA AWRA Conference (American Water Resources Association) Nov 4, 2013 Creation of an interactive geospatial consumptive use impact assessment tool for the interstate Potomac River basin using open-source software Session 17, 3:30pm, Geographic Information Science II Portland Oregon, Red Lion Hotel on the River 3:30 PM  
Stephen McGrail Delaware County Assessor's Association Nov 6, 2013 Mobile GIS Application Needs Assessment for Assessment Administration   Senator Charles D. Cook County Office Building 111 Main St Delhi, NY 13753 1:00 PM  
Kathryn Chaney 2013 Esri Mid-Atlantic User Conference Dec 11, 2013 Applying GIS to a Multi-Regional Dog Rescue Social Science Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD, Annapolis Room 1:30 PM  
David Lautenschleger Ohio Parks and Recreation Association Feb 5, 2014 Utilities Focused Asset Management & Mapping for Parks Parks & Outdoor Maintenance Kalahari Conference Center in Sandusky, Ohio 2:00 PM  
Tony Van Der Wielen Wisconsin Land Information Associations Annual Conference Feb 13, 2014 Legislative Redistricting Models and Statewide Data Collection COOPERATIVE STATE PROGRAMS Middleton, WI 1:00 PM  
James Tompkins INSNA Sunbelt Conference XXXIV Feb 18, 2014 STI Risk and Socio-spatial Clustering Dynamics of Vulnerable Populations in Winnipeg, MB   St. Petersburg, FL 6:00 AM  
Pamela Cowher Virginia Water Conference Mar 10, 2014 MS4 & TMDL Permit Software Analysis & Design for Norfolk, Virginia   Richmond, VA 10:45 AM  
Alexander Brown ESRI International Developer's Summit Mar 12, 2014 Integrating & Displaying a Launch Range Schedule System with ArcGIS: RSS Feed to ArcGIS Server   Room: Mesquite B, Palm Springs, CA 6:00 PM  
Pamela Ordung New Hampshire Water & Watershed Conference Mar 21, 2014 Hodgson Brook Watershed Delineation and Stormwater Flow Model   Center for the Environment, Plymouth State Universtiy, Russell House, 17 High St, Plymouth, NH 6:00 AM  
Derege Kobre The Geological Socitey of America Mar 24, 2014 Interactive Web Map of Marcellus and Utica Shale Showing Thickness and Depth Within the State of PA T22. Marcellus and Utica Shales: Geology, Natural Gas Production, and Water Resources Issues I Marriott at Penn Square, Commonwealth Salon 3, Lancaster, PA 1:30 PM  
Adam Nelson IWCE conference Mar 24, 2014 Intelligent Site Selection Tower Management from Top to Bottom Las Vegas 1:30 PM  
Christopher Mangold ASPRS 2014 Annual Conference - Louisville, Kentucky March 23-27 2014 Mar 25, 2014 Mobile Device Visualization of Cloud Generated Terrain Viewsheds   Galt House Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky USA 1:30 PM  
Richard Hinton AAG 2014 Apr 9, 2014 Open Source Geospatial Technologies for Vulnerability Assessment and Disaster Risk Reduction 2260 Hazards, Risks, and Disasters S.G. Session: Disaster Management, Planning and Perceptions 2 Grand Salon I, Marriott, Second Floor, Tampa, FL 10:20 AM  
Erik Irtenkauf AAG 2014 Apr 9, 2014 Analyzing Tobler Interactive Short Paper Session 2433: Transportation and Tourism Room 33, Tampa Convention Center, Fourth Floor, Tampa, Florida 12:40 PM  
Mark Brady AAG 2014 Apr 9, 2014 Identifying the Spatially Dynamic Variables Affecting the Distribution of West Nile Virus in Pennsylvania Geographically Weighted Regression Room 8, TCC, First Floor, Tampa Florida 4:40 PM  
Carie Pigeon AAG 2014 Apr 10, 2014 Exploring the Invasion Potential of Dyer Biogeographies of Invasive and Exotic Species Meeting Room 13, Marriott, Third Floor, Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL 4:40 PM  
Matthew Welshans AAG 2014 Apr 11, 2014 Correlating Urban Heat Island to Urban Sprawl in Dallas and Minneapolis Cities in the Anthropocene Epoch: Past, present, and future Room 30B, TCC, Fourth Floor, Tampa, Florida 8:40 AM  
David Todd AAG 2014 Apr 11, 2014 Building an Integrated Web Mapping and Incident Reporting Platform for Volunteer Organizations Using Open Source Technology 4420 Symposium on Synergistic Advances of CyberGIS and Geography: Synergistic Advances of CyberGIS a Room 20, TCC, First Floor, Tampa, Florida 2:00 PM  
Kristen Jordan MAGIC Conference Apr 29, 2014 Enhancing Parcel Queries in Kansas   Kansas City, MO 10:30 AM  
Lara Hall Esri Southeast Users Conference May 5, 2014 Spatial Analysis for Sea Turtle Conservation in Georgia Natural Resources Wildlife Resources and Conservation Room 216 AB, Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, NC 2:45 PM  
Brady Scribner PA GIS Conference May 6, 2014 Using a Tabletop Exercise to Evaluate Emergency Management GIS Needs in Ghana Breakout 3-C Room tbd, Penn Stater Conference Center, State College, PA 3:55 PM  
Michael Pritchard PA GIS Conference May 7, 2014 An Application in GIS for a Sanitary Sewer Overflow Emergency Response Program Breakout 4D The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel, University Park, PA 9:30 AM  
Brett Beardsley PA GIS Conference May 7, 2014 A Spatial Analysis of Predictors of Different Types of Crime in Chicago Community Areas Breakout 5-E Room Number: 222, The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel in State College, PA 11:35 AM  
Douglas Blatchford American Water Resources Association (AWRA) GIS specialty conference May 14, 2014     Snowbird Resort, Utah 10:50 AM  
Aaron McVay NGA's LiDAR Community of Practice (LCOP) Meeting Jun 10, 2014 Point Cloud Data Access on a Global Scale   Aerospace Corporation Auditorium, Chantilly, VA 1:00 PM  
Jeffrey Vu Esri International User Conference 2014 Jul 15, 2014 GIS for Reservoir Management: Estimating Original Gas In Place Petroleum: GIS, an Enterprise Value Room 29 D, San Diego, CA 8:30 AM  
Monique Everson VAMLIS - Virginia GIS Conference Sep 14, 2014 Change Detection Analysis at Fort Bragg, NC   Richmond, VA 4:15 PM  
Casey Finedell EnerGIS Conference Sep 16, 2014 A GIS Methodology for Smart Meter Siting and Monitoring   Cannonsburg, PA 11:15 AM  
Amanda Dulin VAMLIS (Virginia Association for Mapping and Land Information Systems) Sep 16, 2014 GIS for Healthcare   Greater Richmond Convention Center 2:00 PM  
Peter Telek 2014 Ohio GIS Conference Sep 24, 2014 ImageScan: An Automated Target Detection Processing Chain using ArcGIS   Hyatt Regency Columbus, Columbus, Ohio, Franklin Room 2 9:40 AM  
Joel Irish Association of Pacific Coast Geographers Sep 26, 2014 Crisis Mapping Applications of Google Maps Engine Geospatial Information Technology: Novel Applications Tucson, AZ 4:20 PM  
Susan Williams 45th Annual Conference of the Society for Vector Ecology Oct 1, 2014 Lyme disease in Texas? Enhancing prevention through the identification of areas of risk Symposium 5 San Antonio, TX from September 28 - October 2, 2014 2:00 PM  
Ryan Davis Georgia Geospatial Conference Oct 7, 2014 Measuring the Effects of the Atlanta BeltLine on Residential Real Estate Values   Classic Center, Athens, GA 3:30 PM  
Lindsey Kiesz Northwest GIS Users Conference Oct 16, 2014 Forest Service Web Maps: Design, Use, and Evaluation.   Lynnwood Convention Center, Lynwood, WA 3:30 PM  
Erin Goodnough Middle States Division of the Association of American Geographers Oct 24, 2014     York, PA 6:00 AM  
Jerry Hayes TNRIS - Texas Natural Resources Information Systems Oct 24, 2014 An Open Source GIS Architecture for Connected and Linked Data A J.J. Pickle Center | Austin, Texas 2:30 PM  
Sarah McCabe 2014 National Workshop on Large Landscape Conservation Oct 24, 2014 Optimizing a Refuge Plan - a practical example on the Texas Gulf Coast   Washington, DC 3:20 PM  
Marnie Sippel 2014 Middle States Division AAG Oct 25, 2014 Visualizing Land Use Changes using Historic Images of Brevard County, Florida   Yorktown Hotel, York PA 6:00 AM  
Joshua Ryan Academia (Singapore General Hospital Campus), Singapore Oct 30, 2014 Developing Basemaps to Support Vaccination Cold Chain Analysis in the Warzones of Southeast Burma – Myanmar Poster session (Conference timeline has yet to be posted) Singapore 6:00 AM  
Kristina Kwiatkowski presenting a paper to the Journal of Transportation Nov 1, 2014       6:00 AM paper
Ryan Warne ESRI Health GIS Conference Nov 3, 2014 Spatial Analysis of Pertussis Outbreaks and Herd Immunity Comparisons   The Broadmoor - Colorado Springs, CO 6:00 AM  
Nicholas Lamar ESRI Health Conference Nov 3, 2014     Colorado Springs, CO 3:05 PM  
David Hackelton ESRI Ocean GIS Forum Nov 6, 2014 Spatial Analyses of Lionfish Invasion in the Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Redlands, CA, ESRI Conference Center, Building Q, Room B 2:00 PM  
Matthew Gill SEAC, Southeastern Archaeology Conference Nov 12, 2014     Greenville, SC 6:00 AM  
Justin Novak GEO Huntsville 2014 Nov 12, 2014 Analysis of Remote Sensing Data for Tornado Damage Assessment   U.S. Space and Rocket Center 4:35 PM  
Jason Catelli American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting Dec 15, 2014     San Francisco 6:00 AM  
Chad Tinsley River Restoration Northwest Feb 3, 2015 Seeing the Forest and the Trees with LiDAR and Multi-Spectral Imagery: A GIS Method for Evaluating Effective Shade for Riparian Restoration Projects Session 3: Floodplain Connectivity and Riparian Restoration Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, Washington 6:00 AM  
Alison Muratore ESRI's Petroleum Users Group (PUG) Conference Apr 8, 2015       6:00 AM  
Kendra Rodgers SAA - Society of American Archaeology Apr 16, 2015 Using GIS in Archaeological Research: A New Look at Hunting Rock Art Sites General Session Global Studies in Rock Art Analysis and Interpretation San Francisco 6:00 PM  
Shelby Rushing AAG 2015 Apr 21, 2015 Optimizing Routing of Hazardous Materials in North Carolina   Chicago 4:40 PM  
Nicholas McKenny AAG 2015 Apr 22, 2015 Stream Correction for Local Government GIS 2411 GIS and Remote Sensing Analysis of the Urban Environment (1:20p - 3:00p CDT) Skyway 285, East Tower, Blue Level, Hyatt Regency, Chicago 2:00 PM  
Jeremy Stratman AAG 2015 Apr 22, 2015 Comparing OpenStreetMap User Contributions in the United States and Europe 2543 Utilizing Citizen Science for Supporting Geospatial Applications Chicago's Hyatt Riverside Center, Regency B, Hyatt, West Tower, Gold Level 3:20 PM  
Christopher Dunn AAG 2015 Apr 24, 2015 A Quantitative Assessment of the Safety of the Bicycle Infrastructure of Portland, Maine 4555 Sustainable Transportation and Urban Growth: Challenges and Prospects for the 21st Century II Chicago 3:20 PM  
Patrick Nelson AAG 2015 Apr 25, 2015 Imagery Interpretation in the Google Earth Era 5560 Using advanced remote sensing techniques to understand ecosystem functions Field, Hyatt, West Tower, Silver Level 4:00 PM  
Meredith Moore Esri Southeast User Conference May 6, 2015 Scoring Groundwater Infiltration and Sewage Exfiltration Risk in a Sanitary Sewage Collection System Water Resources Management Nashville, TN 9:10 AM  
John Cirucci International Symposium on Sustainable Systems and Technology May 19, 2015 Retrospective GIS-Based Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis: A Case Study of California Waste Transfer Station Siting Decisions Tools for Decision Support Dearborn, MI 10:30 AM  
Ryan Warne quarterly Northeast Florida GIS User Group meeting May 21, 2015 Spatial Analysis of Disease Outbreaks and Herd Immunity   Fraternal Order of Police building a 5530 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32207 12:00 PM  
Ryan Warne quarterly Northeast Florida GIS User Group meeting May 21, 2015 Spatial Analysis of Disease Outbreaks and Herd Immunity   Fraternal Order of Police building a 5530 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32207 12:00 PM  
Nancy Velez GA URISA Jul 14, 2015 Stormwater Runoff: A Case Study of the Correlation between Relative Hydrologic Soil Group and Imperviousness   Hexagon Geospatial 5051 Peachtree Corners Circle Norcross, GA 11:30 AM  
Jose Americo Gamarra Pacheco ESRI UC 2015 Jul 21, 2015 GIS Suitability Modeling to Identify a Pipeline Route Petroleum - HSE and Risk Room 28 E 1:30 PM  
Joshua DeWees Esri UC 2015 Jul 22, 2015 Designing a Utility Vegetation Management GIS Application for Mobile Mobile GIS and Inspections Room 29C 8:30 AM  
Ahmed Husain ESRI UC 2015 Jul 22, 2015 Hydraulic Analysis Comparing Efficiency of One and Two Zone Pressure Water Systems Hydraulic Modeling and GIS Room 24 A 8:30 AM  
Brent Baumhardt ESRI UC 2015 Jul 23, 2015 A GIS Approach to Charting Terrain on Instrument Approach Procedures GIS and Next-Gen Aviation Room 23B 8:30 AM  
Juliana Lo Esri UC 2015 Jul 23, 2015 GIS Application in Firewall Log Visualization   Room 24B 1:30 PM  
Eugene Derner National Weather Service Science and Operations Officers subregional meeting Aug 10, 2015 Rapid Assessment of Dam Break Flooding Using GIS   National Weather Service Goodland, KS 3:00 PM  
Patricia Green Coast Guard Pacific Area Sep 14, 2015 Gaps in Coast Guard Response   Alameda, CA 9:30 AM  
James Cueno Illinois GIS Association Sep 15, 2015 GIS as Applied to Disaster Management in Outlying and Non-Metro Illinois Counties   Plaza F, Crowne Plaza, Springfield, IL 9:00 AM  
Kimberly Struthers 2015 GIS in the Rockies Conference Sep 23, 2015 Integrating Demographics with Conservation Strategies Where It Matters Most     6:00 AM poster session
Teri Vlasak 2015 GIS in the Rockies conference Sep 24, 2015 Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Rabid Wild Terrestrial Animals along the Colorado Front Range   The Cable Center on the University of Denver campus, Denver, CO 11:30 AM  
John Gray Nevada GIS Conference Oct 13, 2015 Geothermal Development and Safety of Movement on Military Ranges   Lake Tahoe’s MontBleu Casino, Resort & Spa in Beautiful Stateline, Nevada 8:00 AM  
Deanne Lundin NACIS (Annual Meeting) 2015 Oct 14, 2015 Deep Map: An Open Source Web Map Builder Geographic Data Collections Day Charles Frost Room, The Depot, Minneapolis, MN 6:00 AM  
Matthew Dykstra VAMLIS 26th Annual GIS Conference Oct 20, 2015 Assessing Suburban Bicycle Infrastructure: Fairfax County, VA   Newcomb Hall at the University of Virginia, 180 McCormick Road Charlottesville, VA 22904 11:00 AM  
Melody Ovard VAMLIS 26th Annual GIS Conference Oct 20, 2015 Oyster Habitat Mapping in the Chesapeake Bay with Hydrographic Acoustic Data   Charlottesville, VA 3:40 PM  
Shonia Holloway VAMLIS 26th Annual GIS Conference Oct 20, 2015 A standardized tool for determining storage in your sewer gravity system   UVA in Charlottesville, VA 4:20 PM  
Christopher Dimaggio URISA GIS-Pro Oct 21, 2015 Characterization of Event-based Supply and Demand in an Urban Market: the Case of Construction Materials in Los Angeles   Spokane, WA 4:00 PM  
Richard Branscomb National Human Services Data Consortium Fall 2015 Conference Oct 22, 2015 Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Map HMIS [Homeless Management Information System] Data     2:30 PM  
Melissa Albino NYS GIS Association Oct 30, 2015 Modeling Restrictive Layers in Soils that Contribute to Surface Runoff Climate and Environment Albany, NY 11:00 AM  
Daniel Hunter 2015 Geologic Society of America conference Nov 1, 2015 Evaluating the Accuracy of Linear and Geostatistical Interpolation Methods in Subsurface Mapping Geoinformatics Technical poster session Baltimore, MD 3:30 PM  
Mary Lamagna Reiter American Water Resources Association Annual Meeting Nov 19, 2015 Building Spatial Search Capabilities for the USACE Omaha Dist Geospatial Data Catalog   Denver Grand Hyatt 8:50 AM  
Nyssa Whitford Wyoming Wildlife Society/ Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative conference Dec 1, 2015 Investigating Sage-grouse Population Trends Amid Intense Energy Development in Northeast Wyoming   Lander, WY 6:00 AM  
Sherry Roth Digitorium Digital Humanities Conference 2016 Mar 4, 2016 Geovisualizing Collections of Penn State University Libraries: A Geographical and Statistical Perspective of Use, Age, and Relevancy Methods: Mapping Diasporas Houser Building, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL 2:00 PM  
Lisa Zoellick Geological Society of America South Central Chapter Mar 21, 2016 Applying Geostatistical Analysis to Evaluate Production Trends in the Permian Basin Computational Geosciences and Data Visualization Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center, Capitol Room, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 4:10 PM  
Ann Masangcay AAG conference 2016 Mar 29, 2016 Social Workers Finding Common Ground with Human Geographers Childist Landscapes: Geographies of child abuse and neglect, and the maltreatment of young people Beijing, Marker Hotel, 2nd Floor. San Francisco 8:00 AM  
John Saunders AAG conference 2016 Mar 29, 2016 Statistical Review of Tsunami Generated by Earthquake-Produced Submarine Landslides and Tsunami Direct Path GIS Impact Analysis Hazards and GIScience San Francisco 12:40 PM  
Richard Boruta AAG conference 2016 Mar 30, 2016 Mapping Czech Ancestry in the United States Eurasian Themes II San Francisco 10:00 AM  
Dane Estok AAG conference 2016 Mar 30, 2016 Spatial structure of an online social good company: An analysis of geographic and social influences on giving and growth 2572 Interaction and Network Modeling Hotel Nikko San Francisco, Bay View Room -25th Floor 3:40 PM  
Mitchell Sodek AAG conference 2016 Apr 1, 2016 Designing an Open Source Web Application for Visualizing Aquifers 4578 Human Impacts on Watershed Processes IV Watershed Management with GIS San Francisco 4:40 PM  
Suzanne Zick AAG 2016 Apr 2, 2016 Documenting Damage and Recovery across Bolivar Peninsula, Texas after Hurricane Ike using Object Based Image Analysis (OBIA) 5529 High spatial resolution remote sensing: data, techniques, and applications II: algorithms /appl Union Square 2, Hilton Hotel, 4th Floor, San Francisco 4:40 PM  
Scott Raznoff Intermountain GIS Conference Apr 4, 2016     Great Falls, MT 6:00 AM  
Joel Feik The Sixth International Conference on the Constructed Environment Apr 4, 2016 People, Planet, Profit and Parking:Mapping the Effect Autonomous Vehicles Will Have on Cities Challenges for Design and Planning Practices: Urban Planning and Sustainability Room 1, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 10:30 AM  
Adam Ridley BLM Idaho Leadership Committee Meeting Apr 12, 2016 Python-based Solutions to Maintain Enterprise Data Currency at the Bureau of Land Management   BLM Idaho State Office 6:00 AM  
Jason Harshman 5th International Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference Apr 14, 2016 Evaluating the Quality of a Wildfire Defensible Space with Airborne LiDAR and GIS   Room 3 9:50 AM  
James Spayd Delmarva GIS Conference Apr 14, 2016 GIS and Spatial Database Implementation at the Arboretum at Penn State Novel Applications Ballroom, C, Dover, DE 2:30 PM  
Kymberlie Kelly Delmarva GIS Conference Apr 14, 2016 An Analysis of Symbol Design for an Indoor Navigation System Novel Applications Ballroom C, Dover Downs Hotel and Casino in Dover, Delaware 2:50 PM  
Samuel Wilson Delmarva GIS Conference Apr 14, 2016 GIS-Based Site Suitability Analysis for an Artificial Surf Reef on Delaware’s Atlantic Coast Delaware Coastal Issues Silver Lake Meeting Room, Dover Downs Hotel & Casino in Dover, Delaware 2:55 PM  
Daniel Belle Delmarva GIS Conference Apr 14, 2016 Happy Camp Forest Fire Burn Severity Examined Using Spatial Analysis Novel Applications Ballroom C, Dover Downs Hotel and Casino in Dover, Delaware 3:10 PM  
Jaclyn Meade ESRI Southeast User Conference May 2, 2016     Charlotte, North Carolina 6:00 AM  
William Hartnett Esri Southeast User Conference May 4, 2016 Demographic Change in Sandy Springs, Georgia, a Decade after Incorporation Community and Economic Development - Spatial Analysis Charlotte, NC 10:15 AM  
Karen Rauschert Engineered Solutions Group Boardroom May 11, 2016 Using GIS to Make Project Data More Accessible to Employees   Anchorage, AK 1:00 PM Private Meeting
Rebecca Lorig Utah Geographic Information Council Annual Conference May 13, 2016 Noise Mapping: Modeling Chronic Natural Gas Compressor Noise in Pennsylvania’s State Forests   Manzanita Room, Bryce Canyon 10:30 AM will graduate in August
Tyson Quink PA GIS Conference May 17, 2016 Open Source Social Media: @Russia-@Ukraine #Conflict   215 Innovation Boulevard State College, PA 16803 4:00 PM  
2016 PA GIS Conference May 18, 2016 Using GIS to Characterize Horizontal Curvature   Penn Stater, Room 204, University Park, PA 9:30 AM  
Sohrab Rahimi RSA (Regional Studies Association) conference Jun 15, 2016     Atlanta, GA 6:00 AM  
Benjamen Bond Society for Conservation GIS Jun 24, 2016 Land Use Impacts on Watershed Health in Lake Erie Aauatic FW Ecosys Aquatic Freshwater Ecosystem Conservation and Restoration 2 Room 4 - Curlew, Asilomar Conference Center, Monterey CA 3:00 PM
Fabian Guarin Angarita ESRI User Conference Jun 28, 2016 Gulf of Mexico bidding trends using historic data and field results Trends, Challenges, and Managing Your Data in Petroleum Room 28 C 8:30 AM  
Jennifer Switzer Esri User Conference Jun 29, 2016 Understanding Water Quality in City Water Systems Using ArcGIS Modeling Room 28 D 8:30 AM  
Joshua Moss ESRI User Conference Jun 30, 2016 Refining an Automated Method for Landform Classification: an ArcGIS and Python Approach 2120: Mapping Geomorphic Surfaces Room 28 E 1:30 PM  
Rob Lyerla Journal: Preventing Chronic Disease (PCD) Aug 13, 2016 Mapping capacity and need for substance use treatment, United States   Journal article 6:00 AM manuscript number is PCD-16-0308
Laura Gast North American Ornithological Society Meeting Aug 18, 2016 Transforming Citizen Science into Informative Range Maps   Washington, D.C. 3:30 PM  
Heather Widlund GIS in the Rockies Sep 21, 2016 Automating Regional Data Integration for Emergency Services with Python GIS Development Track The Cable Center, Denver, CO 10:15 AM  
Craig Amey GIS in the Rockies Sep 21, 2016 GIS for Surveyors: A GIS Tool For Researching Internal Surveying Control Information   The Cable Center, Denver, CO 2:15 PM  
Jaclyn Meade 2016 Ohio GIS Conference Sep 29, 2016 Tracking - System Monitoring Tools for an Enterprise GIS   Columbus, OH 1:40 PM  
Christopher Klaube MAC URISA conference Oct 14, 2016 Addressing Resources for your Enterprise: An In-Depth Look at the NJ Address Points Inventory   Resorts Casino- Atlantic City, NJ 11:00 AM  
Matthew Coram Esri GeoConX Conference Oct 19, 2016 Assuring Connectivity in an Electric Utility GIS Distribution Mode Managing Utility Assets Courtroom K/L, Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix, Arizona 10:10 AM  
Deanna Sarro NACIS 2016 Oct 20, 2016 An Open-Source Approach to Creating a National Critical Habitat Web Map Design in Web Cartography The Antlers Hotel, Colorado Springs, CO 9:00 AM  
Angela Chang NACIS 2016 Oct 20, 2016 A GIS for Social Justice: Measuring the Impact of Development on Urban Green Spaces in D.C. Maps for Social Justice Heritage C, The Antlers Hotel, Colorado Springs, CO 4:00 PM  
Wayne Frad 2016 Applied Geography Conference Oct 27, 2016 Environmental and Spatial Determinants of Lyme Disease Geography of Health Galt House Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky 10:30 AM  
Timothy Tabor MN GIS/LIS Conference Oct 27, 2016 Soil Types relation to Distribution Utility Poles Session Number 17 Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, Duluth, MN 4:30 PM  
Timothy Black GISPro2016 Nov 1, 2016 Utilizing ModelBuilder for a Risk-Based Approach for Stormwater Asset Management Cover your Assets Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto, Canada 2:00 PM  
Ruthann Christine Dorn Ligon URISA-Pro Conference Nov 2, 2016 Geo-Enabling Mountain Bike Trail Maintenance with VGI: GIS Applications for the Fountainhead Mountain Bike Trail Cover Your Assets​ Pier 9 at the Westin Harbour Castle​, Toronto, Canada​ 2:00 PM link
Jamie Hughes SHRUG Workshop Nov 16, 2016 Septic Tank Conversion Prioritization using GIS in the Wakulla Springs Springshed   Florida State University Conference Center, Tallahassee, FL 6:00 AM day/time tba
Justin Helms Young Friends of the Missouri History Museum Dec 4, 2016       12:06 AM time tba
Eileen Lucero American Geophysical Union Dec 12, 2016 Estimating Water Levels with Google Earth Engine   San Francisco, CA 6:00 AM day/time tba (will hear about acceptance on October 3)
Mehdi Shahriari 2016 AGU Fall Meeting Dec 16, 2016 Quantifying Uncertainty of Wind Power Production Through an Analog Ensemble Renewable Energy: Wind, Solar, Marine, and Open Topics III San Francisco, CA 5:15 PM  
Timothy Tabor University of Minnesota Feb 20, 2017 Soil Types relation to Distribution Utility Poles   Twin Cities 4:30 PM time tba
Travis Bock Esri Developer Summit Mar 8, 2017 Collaborative Dataset Management: A JavaScript App Built using Angular-esri-map and Angular Material   Palm Springs, CA Mesquite C 4:30 PM  
Marion Cayetano Ministry of Works, Belmopan, Belize Central America Mar 15, 2017 Design and Develop a Road Condition Database and Application Spring 2 Presentation to Ministry of Works and World Bank Belmopan, Belize Central America 6:00 AM Presentation date will be finalized in January 2017
Rachel O'Sullivan HIGICC expo or STEM conference Mar 24, 2017       6:00 AM day/time TBA
Robert Winkler South Central Arc User Group Conference Mar 30, 2017 Drawing Legislative Districts to Achieve Partisan Symmetry While Respecting Territorial Communities   Baton Rouge, LA 6:00 AM day/time TBA
Karen Hastings VA Association for Mapping and Land Information Systems Apr 5, 2017     The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center in Blacksburg, VA. 6:00 AM day/time TBA
Bridget Ward Virginia Association of Mapping and Land Information Systems (VAMLIS) Apr 6, 2017 An Evaluation of Multiple-Criteria Decision Making with GIS: The \"DC2RVA   Theater 3, The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center in Blacksburg, VA 10:50 AM  
David Siders AAG 2017 Apr 6, 2017 Modeling the Impact of Climate Change on the Environmental Suitability for Zika Virus Transmission in the Continental United States Geospatial Health Research Symposium: Infectious Diseases II Simmons, Marriott, Third Floor, Boston, MA 1:20 PM  
John Pritchard AAG 2017 Apr 6, 2017 Integrating Social Vulnerability and Flood Safety Modeling Hazards Risks and Disasters 8 - Integrative Frameworks and Analysis Room 105, Hynes, Plaza Level, Boston, MA 1:20 PM  
Joseph Ferdinando AAG 2017 Apr 7, 2017 Virtual Reality for Interplanetary Spatial Exploration 3D Virtual and Augmented Realities for Geoinformation Science I Salon I, Marriott, Fourth Floor, Boston, MA 8:00 AM  
Thomas Whitfield AAG 2017 Apr 7, 2017 Food Deserts in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota: Refining Healthy Food Access through Demographic Analysis and Spatial Weighting of Food Store Locations 3274 Geospatial Health Research Symposium: Neighborhood Built Environment, Obesity, BMI, food access Simmons, Marriott, Third Floor, Boston, MA 10:00 AM  
Steven Gilbert AAG 2017 Apr 8, 2017 Drought and Climate Change in Jordan Bread and water in the Middle East and Africa Room 305, Hynes, Third Level, Boston, MA 10:40 AM  
Jeffrey Dunham 2017 Esri Public Sector Conference Apr 12, 2017 Utility Asset Management in 10 Steps: A GISer Public Works and Utilities Asset Management West Palm Beach, FL, Room 2F 2:45 PM  
Daniel Waldhorn 2017 Northeast Natural History Conference Apr 21, 2017 Using Remotely Sensed Data to Delineate Phragmites in the Hudson River   Radisson Hotel, Cromwell, CT 6:00 AM day/time TBA
Whitney Broussard U.S. Geological Survey Wetland and Aquatic Research Center Seminar Apr 25, 2017 Quantifying vegetation cover and ecosystem services with hyperspatial UAS imagery in a coastal intermediate marsh   USGS Wetland and Aquatic Research Center Auditorium, 700 Cajundome Blvd, Lafayette, Louisiana 3:00 PM WebEx meeting link FOR VIDEO ONLY:
,Meeting password: Biology. Teleconference REQUIRED FOR AUDIO: (Toll Free) 855-547-8255, Conference Security Code: 35453716#
Andrew Stangl Analysis Dialogue Session at NGA Campus East (NCE) Apr 27, 2017 Predicting Mobile Missile Wartime Launchsites: The V-2 Ballistic Missile   D/NGA's Conference Room 11:30 AM  
Augustus Wright NGA St. Louis (Brown Bag) : & Video telecom with the 5 globally located Army Geospatial Planning Cel Jul 1, 2017 Authoritative Geospatial data Modernization via Machine Learning   NGA St. Louis 6:00 AM day/time TBA
Peter Durkee Esri UC 2017 Jul 11, 2017 Space-Time Analysis and Geoviz of Motor Vehicle Traffic Crashes GIS for Safety Management Room 28 C, San Diego Convention Center, California 10:15 AM  
Adrienne Leptich Esri UC 2017 Jul 11, 2017 Conveying Coastal Inundation Potential Associated with ET > Cyclones Hazards and Storm Surge Risk Room 23B 10:15 AM  
Pamela Kanu Esri UC 2017 Jul 11, 2017 Statistical Analysis for Automated Seep Extraction in GIS Deep and Open Water Ocean Analytics San Diego Convention Center, Room 30B 10:15 AM  
Carolina Magri Esri UC 2017 Jul 12, 2017 Spatial and temporal patterns of PM 2.5 in Santiago Chile Air Quality and Health Room 24 C 8:30 AM  
Elsit Mandal Esri UC 2017 Jul 13, 2017 ArcGIS Decision Support Tool for Infrastructure Improvement Decision Support Tools for DOTs Room 28 D 10:15 AM  
Parrish Henderson Esri UC 2017 Jul 13, 2017 More than a Mollusk: Oyster Restoration Efforts in the South River, MD Restoration Framework Room 27 B 10:15 AM  
Rachel O'Sullivan Conservation GIS Jul 16, 2017       12:00 AM day/time TBA
Benjamin Nyberg Society for Conservation GIS Annual Conference Jul 18, 2017 Drone Use for Botanical Surveys of vertical surfaces on Kauai, Hawaii Drones Tech session Asilomar Conference Center, Monterey CA 11:00 AM  
William Bell FOSS4G Boston 2017 Aug 14, 2017 Spatial Regression Explorer - A FOSS Web Tool for Spatial Regression Techniques   Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center, Boston, MA 6:00 AM day/time TBA
Daniel Joseph FOSS4G Aug 17, 2017 DIY Mapping with Drones and Open Source in a Humanitarian Context Drones/Satellite Cityview 2, Seaport World Trade Center, Boston 10:30 AM  
Wing-Yan Wong FOSS4G Aug 18, 2017 Using FOSS mapping and charting tools to visualize refugees and immigrant integration data Humanitarian Room Waterfront 3, Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center, Boston, MA 9:30 AM  
Daniel Hulsey GIS in the Rockies Sep 21, 2017 Positional Accuracy Comparison of a DJI Phantom 4 Drone and a Sensefly eBee Drone Survey Tract Hilton Denver Inverness Hotel, Denver, CO 10:30 AM  
Pamela Kanu Underwater Acoustics Conference & Exhibition (UACE2017) Oct 7, 2017 Statistical Analysis for Automated Seep Extraction in GIS Acoustic methods and technologies for ocean observatories Lecture room B, Skiathos, Greece 4:30 PM  
Ben Ogle 12th Annual NW PA GIS Conference Oct 19, 2017 An Assessment of a Stacked Shale Gas Play and the Effect on Forest Fragmentation in Pennsylvania Environment Gemmell Student Complex, Room 248, Clarion University 10:15 AM  
Edward Walsh State of the Map US 2017 Oct 20, 2017 Involving Syrians to Map Reconstruction     6:00 AM day/time tba
Erika Kamptner State of the Map US 2017 Oct 20, 2017 OSM and small-scale crisis events   Byron North, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 11:50 AM  
James Covington Geological Society of America 2017 Oct 22, 2017 Paleo-topography in the Cretaceous/Tertiary Angular Unconformity and its Influence on Uranium Mineralization in Shirley Basin, Wyoming D29. Investigations in Economic Geology The Conference Center, Skagit 5, Seattle, WA 8:00 AM  
Jaclyn Cardillo URISA-Pro Oct 26, 2017 GIS System Tracking How To Your Systems Administrator Needs to Attend this Session: A Tech Track for GIS Jacksonville, Florida 8:30 AM  
Jackie Silber Association for Pacific Coast Geographers Oct 27, 2017 Geographic Distribution of STEM Degree Return on Investment   Chico, CA 10:40 AM  
Douglas Sexton VAMLIS Central Virginia Regional GIS Users Group Meeting Nov 2, 2017 Developing a Subdivision Build-Out Study: Programmatic Analysis and Applications for Assessing Regulatory Conditions and Build-Suitability at the Parcel Level   Henrico County Training Center, Richmond, VA 6:00 AM time tba
Michelle Thompson American Society of Criminology 73rd Annual Meeting Nov 15, 2017 Risk Terrain Modeling: A Tool for Crime Prevention & Reduction in New York City? Evaluation of Evidence-Based Policing Initiatives Philadelphia, PA 5:00 PM  
Nathan Roberts Pecora Conference Nov 16, 2017 Tracking Pluvial-Related Expansion and Contraction of Water Bodies in the South Dakota Prairie Pothole Region Using the Landsat Record with an Object-Based Image Analysis Approach 13: Wetlands and Surface Water Bodies Sioux Falls, South Dakota 3:30 PM  
Leslie Jessen Geological Remote Sensing Group (GRSG) 28th Annual Conference Dec 14, 2017 Mapping the Milh Kharwah Salt Diapir Sab’atayn Basin, Yemen Geological Mapping   1:50 PM Jupiter Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal
Jordan Douthitt Esri Fed GIS Conference Mar 20, 2018 Location-Based Analysis for Recruitment of United States Border Patrol Agents Python: Beyond the Basics Room 145B, Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington DC 3:00 PM 2nd presentation is March 21 2:45pm-3:45pm
Student Venue Date Title Session Location Time Notes
Joel Rogers VAMLIS GeoCon Apr 5, 2018 Population Growth Distribution Modeling For the Tri-County Region of Central Pennsylvania   2CD, Virginia Beach Convention Center 1000 19th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 10:00 AM  
Michael Sewall VAMLIS GeoCon Apr 5, 2018 Mass Transportation Accessibility in Atlanta, GA   SUITE 2CD, Virginia Beach Convention Center 11:00 AM  
Rickey Stamm American Association of Geographers (annual conference) Apr 11, 2018 Examining juvenile food insecurity and socioeconomic conditions in Clermont County, Ohio Food Geography 4: Regions and Networks Room: Astor Ballroom II, Astor, 2nd FloorNew Orleans 3:40 PM  
Alexander Anderson American Association of Geographers (annual conference) Apr 12, 2018 Changing Use, Changing People: 20 years of linked land use and demographic change in St. Louis Public Geography and Urban Development Studio 4, Marriott, 2nd Floor, New Orleans 8:00 AM  
Anthony Scavone American Association of Geographers (annual conference) Apr 12, 2018 Food Secure Baltimore: Mapping Alternative Futures for the Food Systems of Baltimore City Urban Governance and Development Napoleon A1, Sheraton, 3rd Floor 5:20 PM Also: Yale Food Systems Symposium Panel: Resilience in Urban Food Systems: Lessons Learned Friday, February 23 at 11:15 AM
Callie Zuck American Association of Geographers (annual conference) Apr 13, 2018 Filling in the gaps, semi-automated object-based image analysis for emergency management: a case study in Bergen County, New Jersey GIS and Methods Poster, Napoleon Foyer/Common St. Corridor, Sheraton, 3rd Floor 1:20 PM  
Jessica Story Noonan St. Charles County Parks and Rec Apr 20, 2018 Visualizing Boone History: A Case Study in Developing a Physical and a Digital Map Display   St. Charles County Administration Building IT Training Room 9:00 AM  
Ryan Smith GEOINT 2018 Apr 22, 2018 A Predictive Analysis of V2 Ballistic Missile Strikes on WW2 London   Tampa Convention Center - Tampa, FL 6:00 AM time tba
Cori Edwards forum at the Tetra Tech Community of Practice meeting May 10, 2018 Evaluating Watershed Delineation Discrepancies Between the NRCS HUC 12 Watershed Boundary Dataset and ArcGIS Auto DelineationCase Study: Heavily Mined Landscape in the West Virginia Upper Guyandotte W     12:00 PM online
Grant Wills PA GIS May 15, 2018 Retrofitting GIS to Enhance the Study of Rights-of-Way Ecology   Room 207, The Penn Stater, University Park, PA 11:00 AM  
Jolynn Schmidt PA GIS May 15, 2018 Environmental Justice Cumulative Impact Assessments, an Accessible Methodology   Room 218, The Penn Stater, University Park, PA 4:00 PM  
Nouman Hussain PA GIS May 16, 2018 Where to Place Refugee Camps? Suitable Sites in Turkey for Syrian Refugees   Room 204, The Penn Stater, University Park, PA 9:15 AM  
Joseph Horvath PA GIS May 16, 2018 Using GIS to Improve Animal Welfare   Room 207, The Penn Stater, University Park, PA 11:15 AM  
Michael Dudkin SABR 48 Jun 20, 2018 Investigating Major League Baseball amateur draft patterns pertaining to climate   Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh 600 Commonwealth Place Pittsburgh, PA 15222 6:00 AM day/time tba
Jamal Cadwell Smith Farm Jun 24, 2018       8:00 AM  
Annalisa Saqui 2018 Esri User Conference Jul 12, 2018 Mitigating Wastewater Odor Impacts Using Modeled and Sensory Observations Odors and Earthquakes: Case Studies in Analysis SDCC - Room 26 B, San Diego Convention Center 10:00 AM  
Laura Santos The Committee for Space and Atmospheric Research (COSPAR) Jul 14, 2018 Investigation of Atmospheric Attenuation and Influences for Interpreting MSI Imagery Using Sentinel-2   Pasadena, CA 6:00 AM day/time tba
April Johnson Society for Conservation GIS conference Jul 15, 2018 Mapping riparian tree dieback with satellite imagery and LiDAR in Arizona   Pacific Grove, CA 6:00 AM day/time tba
Lara Hacala SCGIS Conference ( Jul 16, 2018 The Impact of Changing Precipitation Patterns On Mid-Atlantic Groundwater Supplies   Asilomar Conference Center in Monterey, CA 6:00 AM day/time tba
Sara Cain SCGIS Conference ( Jul 16, 2018 Using GIS to Predict Pronghorn Habitat Connectivity and Bottlenecks in Central Arizona   Asilomar Conference Center, Monterey Bay, CA 2:00 PM  
Joshua Ferguson Society for Conservation in GIS conference Jul 17, 2018 Determining Efficient Water Use Through the Classification of Urban Landscapes at the Parcel Level Water Resources and Climate Change Asilomar Conference Center, Monterey, CA 3:00 PM  
Jesse Mourer North Country Trail - Meeting Aug 1, 2018 NCT Maintenance GIS Learn from "Outreach" in Pennsylvania Butler, PA 12:00 AM date/time tba
Anthony Bates GIS in the Rockies Sep 18, 2018 The Effect of Climate on Fire in California's Central Valley   Upper Mountain View 10:00 AM poster session
Lisa Dubas GIS in the Rockies 2018 Sep 19, 2018 Trail Difficulty Per Segment: A GIS Based Analysis of Hiking Trails GIS in Education Alpine Room 3 11:30 AM  
Berrett Doman GIS in the Rockies Sep 19, 2018 ZDV-3D, A Modern 3D Visualization and Analysis Tool for Denver Air Route Traffic Control Center GIS Colorado: Your Geospatial Connection Alpine Room 1 11:30 AM  
Lucas Murray Arizona Geographic Information Council (AGIC) Symposium Sep 20, 2018 Studying the Effects of the Opioid Crisis on Social Support Services Analysis with GIS The Prescott Resort and Conference Center, Prescott AR 1:30 PM  
James Shively 2018 Ohio GIS Conference Sep 25, 2018 Using GIS to Define Access to Veteran Healthcare in Ohio Track 3 Franklin C room 8:30 AM  
Thomas Rubino MAC URISA 2018 Conference Oct 25, 2018 Wildlife Corridor Design Using FOSS Geospatial Technology Environment Atlantic A, Atlantic City, NJ 10:15 AM  
Yuriko Hashimoto ESRI Canada Regional User Conference Nov 6, 2018     Vancouver 6:00 AM day/time tba
Bienvenido Alonzo American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting Dec 11, 2018 Using Open Source Tools for Change Detection and Feature Extraction of Urban Infrastructure and Landscape from Mobile LiDAR Sensor Data to Manage Geospatial Features   Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C 8:19 AM  
Travis Meyer ASPRS 2019 Annual Conference Jan 27, 2019 Ground Filtering of Dense Lidar Point Clouds for Modeling Shrub Mangrove Canopies Applications of Lidar in Forestry Denver, CO 10:30 AM Travis will also be the Session Moderator
Laura Emerson ESRI Dev Summit Mar 4, 2019 Extending an ArcGIS Solution Mesquite B Palm Springs Convention Center 3:00 PM  
Nicholas Morgan US Hydro Mar 21, 2019 Using Historic Hydrographic Smooth Sheets To Assess the Validity of NOAA Session 7   9:20 AM  
Gregory Scott AAG Apr 3, 2019 Determining Success of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program in Jacksonville, FL: A Response to the Housing Collapse During the Great Recession Paper Council Room, Omni, Lobby Level 9:55 AM  
Michela Burla AAG Apr 4, 2019 Remote sensing and citizen science to monitor the impact of Marcellus shale gas development on avian populations   Lincoln 2, Marriott, Exhibition Level 9:55 AM Poster
Michael Bowser AAG Apr 4, 2019 An Object-Based Image Analysis of Pipeline Wellhead Vegetation   Washington, D.C. 9:55 AM  
Johnathan Glaze AAG Apr 4, 2019 Modeling Roman Trade with GIS: A Study of 1st Century Terra Sigillata Transportation Routes in Southern Gaul Paper 8218, Park Tower Suites, Marriott, Lobby Level 5:00 PM  
Mark Hebert AAG Apr 6, 2019 Multi-Scalar Approaches to Climate Change Mitigation: Discourses and Practices   Cleveland 1, Marriott, Mezzanine Level 1:10 PM  
Frederick Amidon US-IALE 2019 Annual Meeting Apr 10, 2019 Modeling the Distribution of an Endangered Hawaiian Moth with Native and Non-Native Host Plants: Implications for Conservation Conservation Biology Fort Collins, Colorado 1:50 PM  
Chad Cochran ESRI Midwest Users Conference Apr 17, 2019 Communication Between UAV's and Ground Control Stations Using Esri Visibility Analysis Tools Drones & UAV's Gateway Ballroom 5, Hilton St. Louis, MO 11:00 AM  
David Narkewicz 2019 GIS-T Symposium Apr 25, 2019 Automating the Vermont Agency of Transportation Highway Performance Monitoring System Submittal Traffic and HPMS Omni Orlando Resort at Champions Gate, Kissimmee, Florida 1:30 PM  
James Skoryanc Washington URISA GIS Conference May 23, 2019 Examining the Effects of Physical Barriers on Healthcare Accessibility in the West Bank   Tacoma, WA 10:30 AM  
Kelly Haws Sinclair Community College Jun 25, 2019 Creating a Dashboard for Real-Time Notifications Using Cityworks and Operations Dashboard     5:30 AM  
Andres Vasquez Antioquian Engenieer Society Jul 5, 2019     Medellín Colombia 6:00 AM time tba
Timothy Ultee 2019 Education Summit @ Esri User Conference Jul 6, 2019   Project-based learning in the Sciences   1:00 PM  
Lyndsay Springer 2019 Education Summit @ Esri User Conference Jul 7, 2019 Maryland Education Equity: How GIS Can be Used to Visualize Education Performance and Analyze Local Variation Informing School Administration Through GIS Marriott - Pacific Ballroom 17 2:30 PM  
Brittney White 2019 Education Summit @ Esri User Conference Jul 7, 2019 Spatial and temporal analysis of traffic crashes in Washington, DC   Pacific Ballroom 17 5:30 PM  
Curran Mcbride Esri UC Jul 10, 2019 Modeling Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Potential: Using GIS for Utility Evolution   SDCC room 26 B 2:30 PM  
Elizabeth Kwicinski Esri User Conference 2019 Jul 11, 2019 Spatiotemporal analysis of blight removal and crime hot spots in Detroit, MI GIS for Crime Analysis San Diego Convention Center - Room 28 B 8:30 AM  
James Kulbacki Esri User Conference 2019 Jul 11, 2019 Modernizing the Los Angeles County Assessor’s 40 Year Old CAMA Infrastructure Valuation Modeling with ArcGIS Pro SDCC – Room 24 A 10:00 AM  
Yuriko Hashimoto SCGIS Conference Jul 15, 2019 Evaluating Environmental Predictors of Breeding Waterfowl Population Abundance and Distribution in the Central Interior Plateau of British Columbia (2007 – 2017) GIS for Wildlife Conservation Room - Chapel, Asilomar Conference Center, Monterey CA 11:00 AM  
Paul Millhouser SCGIS Conference Jul 15, 2019   Connectivity and Corridors Room - Sanderling, Asilomar Conference Center, Monterey CA 11:30 AM  
Ronald Holmes TUgis Conference 2019 Aug 8, 2019 Guiding Land Preservation Through Value Based Proximity Analysis Thursday August 8 1:45 College of Liberal Arts - Towson University - Liberal Arts Building - 251 University Ave. Towson, MD 21204 1:45 AM
Cale Kochenour Vermont Enterprise GIS Consortium Aug 14, 2019 Mount Mansfield: Mapping the Alpine Tundra GeoEnlightenment Montpelier, VT 9:30 AM  
Brookelynn Constant FOSS4G Aug 29, 2019 Destination Unknown: Design Dimensions of Open Source Travel Mapping Tools General and Academic Parallel Session Round 3 Bucharest, Romania 12:00 PM  
Jacqueline Sinclair GIS in the Rockies Sep 18, 2019 Reducing Operational Overhead by Optimally Siting Facilities Within a Service Territory   Conifer/Evergreen Room 9:30 AM  
John Maloney Urisa GIS Pro Sep 30, 2019 An Analysis of the Process of Building a GIS from Scratch, for the Cloud Get Your Head in the Clouds Salon 24, New Orleans, LA 4:00 PM  
Ben Chou 2019 Energy Policy Research Conference Sep 30, 2019 Plugging In and Charging Up: Increasing Plug-in Electric Vehicle Adoption by Residents of Multifamily Buildings in Los Angeles County, California Poster Session Boise, Idaho 6:00 PM  
Albert Rozo URISA GIS-Pro Conference Oct 1, 2019 Mid-century Modern Architecture in State College, Pennsylvania Innovating Historical GIS and High-Production Mapping New Orleans 1:30 PM  
Valerie Khanna NACIS Oct 18, 2019 Unlocking Troves of Data From Historical Print Maps: Feature Extraction Through an Object-Based Classification Approach   Tacoma, WA 10:40 AM  
Ryan O'Neil Northeast Arc Users Group Fall Conference Oct 23, 2019 Foreclosures, Race, and Income in Connecticut, 2005 - 2013 Grafton Room, Local Government track River Resort in Newry, Maine 2:00 PM  
Marisela De La Cruz Applied Geography Conference Oct 25, 2019 Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Fentanyl and Cocaine in Pennsylvania, 2016-2017 Paper Presentation Charlotte, North Carolina 2:45 PM  
Brian Kaley Installation Management Training Room Nov 8, 2019 A GIS Enterprise Road Map for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)   Defense Distribution Center Susquehanna, New Cumberland, PA 10:00 AM  
Shaun Megonnell Installation Management Training Room Nov 8, 2019 A GIS Enterprise Road Map for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)   Defense Distribution Center Susquehanna, New Cumberland, PA 10:00 AM  
David Greco Geospatial Technology and Spatial Data Science Symposium Nov 11, 2019 Commuter Concern: Examining Cycling Infrastructure in Center City, Philadelphia, PA Second Presenter - 10:30 AM State College, PA 9:00 AM  
Student Venue Date Title Session Location Time Notes
Roman Gibbons URISA 2019 Caribbean GIS Conference Nov 19, 2019 Predicting Sales at Convenience Goods Retailers in Trinidad Using GIS and Regression Modelling: A Web Application Built on the ArcGIS API for JavaScript Enhancing Customer Experience Using Geospatial Technologies Hyatt Regency Trinidad (#1 Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago) 2:00 PM  
Angela Bozeman SHRUG GIS Workshop Nov 20, 2019 Wetlands Assessment with Survey123   August B. Turnbull III Florida State Conference Center, Tallahassee, FL 6:00 AM day/time tba
Andrew Riesenberger SE AAG Conference Nov 23, 2019     UNC Wilmington 6:00 AM day/time tba
Rebecca Patton US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Regional Office Dec 1, 2019     Lakewood, CO 6:00 AM day/time tba
Kimberly Godwin USINDOPACOM Joint Intelligence Operations Center Mar 1, 2020 Surveiling Revolution: Implications of Hong Kong on Xinjiang   Pearl Harbor, HI 6:00 AM day/time tba
Jeanne Nebre Geo Week 2020 Mar 23, 2020 Positional Accuracy Assessment of DJI Phantom 4 Pro on Non-Vegetated Surface Poster session Room 204C Walter E. Washington Convention Center 801 Mount Vernon Pl NW, Washington, DC 20001 6:00 AM March 23 - 25
Bethany Bashor ASPRS conference Mar 23, 2020       6:00 AM day/time tba
Alexandra Fredericks ASPRS 2020 Annual Conference Mar 24, 2020   Remote Sensing for Disaster and Emergency Response Management Washington, D.C. 3:30 PM day/time tba
Robert Williams AAG 2020 Apr 6, 2020 Visualizing In-Situ Historic Geographies with Mobile Augmented Reality   Denver 6:00 AM day/time tba
Aaron Chisholm AAG 2020 Apr 6, 2020 Biking in Hennepin County - Citizen Engagement as a Mobile Solution   Denver, CO 6:00 AM poster
Ashley Lanier AAG 2020 Apr 7, 2020 Marijuana Dispensary Locations and the Spatial Autocorrelation of Crime Rates in Denver, Colorado   Denver, CO 4:45 PM  
Kimberly Quirk 12th ICA Mountain Cartography Workshop Apr 14, 2020 DEM Resolution Effects on Visibility   Snow Mountain Ranch, Colorado 6:00 AM day/time tba
Peter Rechtlich 12th Mountain Cartography Workshop Apr 14, 2020     Snow Mountain Ranch, Colorado 2:00 PM day/time tba
Briana Brown Luxembourg American Chamber of Commerce Apr 14, 2020 Spatial Distribution of French Dialects and the Physical Environment   17 Beekman Place, New York, NY 10022 6:30 PM  
Joseph Sawruk Geospatial Planning Cell Huddle Apr 15, 2020 Migrating a GIS to the Cloud   Fort Leonard Wood, MO 6:00 AM time tba
Emily Stangl NGA closed session Apr 17, 2020       6:00 AM time tba
Mark Prettyman UCGIS 2020 Symposium May 28, 2020 Ground-Level Ozone Forecasts in the Mid-Atlantic using the Analog Ensemble   Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, Hawai‘i 6:00 AM day/time tba
Joseph Sawruk PSU Zoom Session Apr 28, 2020 Migrating a GIS to the Cloud   Southern Pines, NC 10:00 AM None
Nadia Caira Geoconvention May 11, 2020     Calgary, Canada 6:00 AM day/time tba
Mark Prettyman UCGIS 2020 Symposium May 28, 2020 Ground-Level Ozone Forecasts in the Mid-Atlantic using the Analog Ensemble   Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, Hawai‘i 6:00 AM day/time tba
David Cain Esri User Conference 2020 Jul 14, 2020 Asset Management of the Piñon Gas Field Using Imagery Data in ArcGIS Field Asset Management and Modeling Multi-Dimensional Uncertainty SDCC - Room 26 B, San Diego, CA 2:30 PM  
Nathaniel Geyer PSCI Annual Retreat Aug 4, 2020     Hershey, PA 10:00 AM