Online Degree II

Going the Distance - Pursuing a Graduate Degree Online - Part Two, What Are My Options?

Recorded October 20, 2011

NOTE: This follows up our first "Going the Distance" webinar, in which we spoke with two Penn State MGIS students about their experiences completing a capstone research project and working with a graduate advisor online.

Join lead faculty from three top online MGIS programs -- Penn State, University of Denver and Northwest Missouri State -- to learn about what each program offers and what makes each one unique. You’ll hear about the faculty, the courses offered and the technologies that support online learning. These three programs represent a cross-section of online geospatial graduate education.

In choosing a program, students must balance work and home commitments. Some students choose online education because of the flexibility it affords, and high quality, rigorous online programs exist now alongside more traditional residential programs.

This webinar is for:

  • Experienced geospatial professionals looking to advance their careers
  • Anyone considering pursuing a master’s degree or certificate in the geospatial industry
  • Anyone considering online learning as an alternative to a residential program
  • Anyone who wants to know more about how GIS research can be integrated into professional education

During this webinar you’ll hear from Dr. Anthony Robinson from Penn State, Steven Hicks from the University of Denver and Dr. Patricia Drews of Northwest Missouri State. These faculty members not only teach in the programs, but also manage them. They offer a wealth of insight into the educational opportunities in the programs, and the individuals who would benefit most from them.