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Subject: lowering the unemployment rate - Azavea job openings
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Friends of Azavea,

Azavea is growing and we've got a number of new positions open.  Our second
annual Summer of Maps program is also open for students interested in
working on advanced analysis projects with non-profit organizations.

Our best hires are frequently people that we meet through our friends and
colleagues.  So I'm writing to see if you know folks in your extended
network that might be interested in joining us.

*Summer of Maps *- fellowships for students interested in advanced work
This is the second year we are doing a Summer of Maps program.  We match
students who have been studying spatial analysis with non-profit
organizations that have complex spatial analysis questions.  The successful
students get a $5,000 fellowship for the summer to work alongside our Data
Services team on two interesting projects that will have a positive social
impact.   While you need to be able to work in Philadelphia for the summer,
this is open to any student registered with an accredited college or
university in the United State on April 23, 2013.  Applications close March
17.  Apply at:

*Full-Time Positions*
 * *Project Manager, Data Services team* - we're looking for an energetic
person with GIS experience that is interested in a mix of spatial analysis,
business development and project management - *

 * *Software Developer, Philadelphia - Justice and Election Services team*-

 * *Software Developer, Boston - Justice and Election Services team* -

 ** Software Developer, Philadelphia, CIvic Apps Team* -

 * *DevMin, Philadelphia - *what the heck is a "DevMin" - it is someone who
is interested in both software development and systems administration -
software developers but who also are interested in supporting the
operational aspects of the company - someone who loves building and
troubleshooting systems but is also a software developer -

If they have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know.  Thanks
for your help.



Robert Cheetham

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