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July 9, 2013                                                         
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Matsumoto and the Japanese Alps
View of northern Matsumoto and the Japanese Alps on our way down the hill. Photo by Amanda Young. Follow her blog as she does fieldwork in Japan this summer.


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Hanson and Blonski• Recent grads Sarah Hanson (B.S.’13) Patrick Blonski (B.A.’13) recently became engaged. Hanson works in the Department of Biology at Penn State as a database manager, and Blonski works for the Dutton Institute as a video developer-videographer (See his profile in the spring 2013 GEOGRAPHY newsletter.).  Hanson and Blonski met on the Parks and People: South Africa program in 2011.

• It’s the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts and The People’s Choice Festival of Pennsylvania Arts and Crafts this week in State College.


Famelab: It’s something like American Idol for scientists
Every scientist’s education should include training in how to communicate their work effectively to all stakeholders along their career paths, from deans and political representatives to neighbors and youth, and perhaps even to broad public audiences through the lens of a camera or the voice of a blog. For these reasons, NASA and National Geographic present an opportunity for early career scientists: FameLab.
It’s something like American Idol for scientists. At regional heats held across the U.S., early career scientists from diverse scientific disciplines will compete to convey their own research or related science concepts. The deadline for the online competition is July 19. Registration, eligibility requirements, and more info can be found at:
Each contestant has the spotlight for only three minutes. No slides, no charts—just the power of words and any prop you can hold in your hands. A panel of experts in both science and science communication will do the judging—but unlike American Idol, they only give constructive feedback. Beyond the competition element, the heart of FameLab is to improve your communication skills. At each preliminary event there will be a workshop with training in the principles and practices of good communication.
Winners from the regional competitions advance to the Final at National Geographic in Washington, D.C. in April 2014, and the winner there goes on to compete with peers from around the world at theFameLab International Final in the United Kingdom in June 2014. Last year’s national winner was recent Penn State grad Brendan Mullan.


Human Factors contributes to new book
Cognitive and Linguistic Aspects of Geographic Space—New Perspectives on Geographic Information Research has been published by Springer with contributions from Members of the Human Factors in
GIScience Lab. Available here.
Human Factors Lab Contribution: Klippel, A., Li, R., Yang, J., Hardisty, F., & Xu, S. (2013). "The Egenhofer-Cohn hypothesis: Or, topological relativity?" In M. Raubal, A. U. Frank, & D. M. Mark (Eds.), Cognitive and Linguistic Aspects of Geographic Space - New Perspectives on Geographic Information Research (pp. 195–215). Berlin: Springer. Read more.


Recently published
“Challenging ‘The Penn State Way’: a feminist response to institutional violence in higher education.”
 Fa Gender, Place & Culture
The aim of this Viewpoint is to suggest a feminist intervention into the Sandusky scandal at Penn State University as a radical alternative to rethinking institutional violence at places of higher learning. Jerry Sandusky, former Penn State assistant football coach, was found guilty on 45 charges related to child sexual abuse. The horrific nature of the crimes shocked the community, but the unanswered questions surrounding the involvement of Penn State's most prominent administrators in a cover-up have implications for the pervasiveness of institutional violence within higher education. We contend if places of higher learning strive to be the embodiment of intellectual transformation, a feminist ethics of care and responsibility is necessary to negate the day-to-day feelings of fear and vulnerability that institutional violence supports. Read more.


From the allegheny front
Commentary: Season of Fire
We got the news on Friday. Our friend Maryna, and her horses, had been successfully evacuated from the path of the Monument Fire near Sierra Vista.  It was a bright moment in the wrenching tale of what's become an historically bad season of western wildfires.  I wonder how many of us understand what that fight has entailed.  I claim no deep insight. I'm a small-town, rural volunteer firefighter; I've never battled a wilderness holocaust. Read more.


Courses added to fall and spring schedules

A few courses have been added to the fall and spring schedules in order to accommodate increased demand for online courses, as well as topics in GIS, and sustainability.
Fall additional courses and sections:
• GEOG 160WEB: Mapping Our Changing World (GS),  fundamental concepts of GIS, cartography, remote sensing, and GPS in the context of environmental and social problems.
• GEOG 160: Mapping Our Changing World (GS)
• GEOG 097A: Global Sustainability and International Parks, a survey of U.S. and global parks and protected areas, with focus on emerging trends in sustainability conservation, and socio-ecological systems.
Spring additional courses and sections:
• GEOG 430WEB: Human Use of Environment, the human use of resources and ecosystems and social causes and consequences of environmental degradation in different parts of the world
For more details on these course, see the University Undergraduate Degree Programs Bulletin 
Registration is open now for the fall semester.  Classes begin August 26.
Schedule of Courses:


(New additions to this list are highlighted.)
See more events and deadlines on the Student Calendar. 
July 9 and every Tuesday  Millennium Café, 10:00–11:00 a.m.

                                     on the 3rd floor of the Millennium Science Complex

July 11–14  Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts
July 13  Geography APG Afternoon Social, 3 p.m. in 319 Walker Building
August 13–15 Ag Progress Days at Rock Springs in Centre County
August 19–23 New graduate student orientation
October 26  Wilbur Zelinsky Memorial Service and Reception, more details TBA



(New additions to this list are highlighted.)
July 16–18    The Society for Conservation GIS, Monterey, California
August 15–17  Asian Urbanism and Beyond 
August 25–30  International Cartographic Conference (ICC) in Dresden, Germany

August 27–30 International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning in Bremen, Germany

September 2–6 Conference on Spatial Information Theory (COSIT) Scarborough, United Kingdom

October 7–8   Susquehanna Water Science Forum, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.
October 9–11 NACIS Conference in Greenville, South Carolina
October 9 –12 Pioneer America Society: Association for the Preservation of Artifacts and    
                      Landscapes (PAS:APAL) Utica, New York.  
October 13–16 GEOINT Symposium, Tampa, Florida
October 18-19  AAG Middle States Division Annual Meeting
October 24–26  Geographies of Labor, 35th Annual North American Labor History Conference
                       at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan
October 27–31 Imaging and Mapping for Disaster Management: From the Individual to the 
                      Global Community, joint conference of the CaGIS and ASPRS
October 30–November 2    AAG Middle Atlantic Division Regional Meeting
                                      (jointly with AAG Applied Geography Specialty Group, Annapolis, Maryland
November 1–3  Graduate Climate Conference at Woods Hole, Massachusetts
November 6–8   International Greening Education Event in Karlsruhe, Germany 
May 18–21 ISCRAM at Penn State, more details TBA

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