Gravity Data Expert - Silver Spring, MD

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Gravity Data Expert

Position: Full-Time
Location: Silver Spring, MD
Start Date: Immediate
Experience: 15 years

Position Description / Summary of Duties:

As Gravity Data Expert, Interact with gravity collection team members to determine and eliminate systematic effects resulting from the collection and processing of airborne gravity data. Combine these vetted data with long wavelength gravity signal determined from satellite observations using ellipsoidal harmonics. Evaluate existing surface gravity data for systematic effects. Assist in mitigating these errors to clean the NGS gravity database. Integrate the above data with a residual terrain model determined from elevation and density models to best resolve all components of the gravity field. Conduct necessary research on geodetic theory to achieve centimeter level accuracy geoid heights. Explore alternative techniques for determining the most optimal approach for achieving the cm-level accurate geoid height model.

Required Skills:

  • Be familiar with NOAA and the office of National Geodetic Survey (NGS)
  • Have experience working with Windows-based software and a comfort with computers
  • Have experience working and programming in a Unix/Linux environment
  • Be knowledgeable about the collection of geophysical data
  • Be knowledgeable about geodetic theory and applications
  • Be very knowledgeable about ellipsoidal and spherical harmonics and geophysical and geodetic applications relying upon them
  • Be knowledgeable about GMT software
  • The ability to communicate well, particularly in a close-working group, and still be able to work independently on assigned tasks.
  • Contractor must have a current passport.
Clearance Required:

Access to the NOAA building is controlled and contractor personnel will be issued a badge, which shall be displayed in accordance with NOAA regulations. A NOAA security application is required to be completed prior to receiving the badge.

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