PEMA's Bureau of Strategic Planning - two planner positions - Harrisburg, PA

Thu, 08/29/2013 - 12:34 -- exf107

PEMA's Bureau of Strategic Planning is going to be re-opening two planner 2 positions shortly, due to lack of qualified applicants.  These two planners will be liaisons to one of the three PEMA regions (East, Central, West) & their respective task forces.  

Interested applicants can go to the Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission, search for Planner 2, apply and take the exam.  They will be contacted for an interview if they meet all qualifications.  The positions will be based out of PEMA HQ on Interstate Drive in Harrisburg.  

Job codes 28410 and 28411.
There's an application supplement (link at top of announcement) to fill out.  This is the exam for the position.  It's essay, not multiple choice.