Mashup Mapping Competition at AAG 2014, Tampa, FL

The AAG Cyberinfrastructure Specialty Group is organizing the 2nd Robert Raskin Mashup Mapping Competition at AAG 2014, Tampa, FL. College students at all levels are encouraged to submit their dynamic web map applications. Participants can use any commercial or open-source toolkit to develop usable solutions that can be accessed via web browsers and link at least two different online data resources. Recommended application areas include, but not limited to: crime, public health issues, transportation, climate, urban planning, and disasters of all kinds. In this age of Big Data, we particularly encourage submissions that emphasize geospatial semantics, make use of distributed and Linked Data, and employ shared vocabularies and ontologies to facilitate an intelligent GeoWeb. Two awards the FIRST PRIZE mashup mapping entries ($500) and the MOST POPULAR MASHUP ($200) will be announced at AAG 2014. For competition requirements and procedure, please read the attached document. Inquiries please go and/or

Competition Website can be found here: