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Sat, 02/08/2014 - 10:36 -- exf107

The company I work for, CDM Smith, has some job openings that I would like to include in the Job Postings page. Here are the opportunities:

GIS Specialist 2 - Hartford, Connecticut (13181BR)
Application Software Developer - Cambridge, Massachusetts (13160BR)
COOP Educ Student - Applications Developer - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (13079BR)
Software Developer 1 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (13153BR)
Software Developer 1 - Cambridge, Massachusetts (13152BR)

Information Management Specialist 3 - Tallahassee, Florida (13284BR)
GIS Specialist 4 - Cambridge, Massachusetts (12884BR)

The descriptions for the first 5 jobs listed can be found at http://cdmsmith.com/join-us/brassring_recent_graduates.htm
Click on "Search Openings"
Use the requisition ID listed in the parentheses above or select "Information Management" in the Job Category box to search.
The descriptions for the last 2 jobs listed can be found at http://cdmsmith.com/join-us/brassring_experienced_professionals.htm
Follow the same instructions

You can apply for any job from there

I am not a recruiter, just an employee but you can feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. hughesjn@cdmsmith.com