Whitlock Internship - full-time, funded position for 10-12 weeks

Thu, 02/27/2014 - 14:05 -- exf107

The Whitlock Internship provides opportunities for individuals who are pursuing or have recently earned a graduate level degree. The internship is a full-time, funded position for 10-12 weeks.

Under the supervision of APCC staff, the 2014 Whitlock Intern will create an online interactive map of natural plant communities on Cape Cod. The map will be made available online and serve as an update of APCC’s Cape Cod Critical Habitats Atlas, and ultimately be incorporated into the state of Massachusetts’ natural communities mapping program.


In 1990, APCC published the Cape Cod Critical Habitats Atlas that identified sensitive habitats and natural resources on Cape Cod, using a combination of maps and narrative. Since it was published, new approaches for classifying and understanding habitats have been developed.

Using an approach developed by Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program, APCC began mapping natural communities on the Cape as part of APCC’s plan to update the 1990 Atlas. During 2012 and 2013, APCC interns mapped plant communities and documented survey locations using a hand-held GPS. The goal of the project for this year is to create an online, easily accessible, interactive map of the natural plant communities to raise awareness of the habitats present, create environmental stewards and to improve natural resource protection.

Internship Duties

Develop GIS maps of field-mapped natural plant communities, add and organize GIS data collected in 2012 and 2013 into our geodatabase, add GIS datalayers to create an interactive map on ArcGIS online, and test and refine the online map for ease of use. The deliverables will include detailed work flow, a brief written report, organized geodatabase and online GIS maps.

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