Dept. of Geography News & Events this Week - 7/8/14

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Justin Novak (supervised by Guido Cervone for his online MGIS 596A class) is currently in an undisclosed location of Afghanistan. Even though Novak cannot say precisely where he is, he can point the bearing to Penn State!


A long-ago underdog grad Jennifer Langer is in the news: “Amerigroup New Jersey Vice President Jennifer Langer Jacobs called the program’s launch a “huge step forward.” She said many of the nurses and social workers who her company has hired to be care coordinators have previously experience with the state’s separate waiver programs.”


Jennifer Balch and her husband Curtis Runyan announced the birth of their first child, Cody Jasper Runyan, on June 23, 2014.


Geography’s favorite nephew: GeoDesign
Two years ago I decided to switch majors and made the transition from architecture to geography.  Upon moving into the department I wanted to learn as much as I could about the field and what opportunities awaited after graduation.  As such I contacted various geographers and asked them about their experiences.  Since I had a background in architecture, one of them said I should look into GeoDesign.  I did some research …

Carbon Observatory Heads Into Orbit
After a scrubbed launch attempt on July 1, NASA successfully launched the Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO-2) early in the morning of July 2. This new science satellite will provide a global picture of human and natural sources of carbon dioxide, and will also help to quantify carbon dioxide sinks—places on Earth that naturally pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Currently, less than half the carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted into Earth’s atmosphere by human activities stays there. Some of the extra carbon dioxide is absorbed by Earth’s oceans. Natural land sinks take up the rest, but the amounts taken up at various locations on the Earth’s surface are not well understood.

Childhood’s Gate Children’s Garden opens July 7 at Arboretum
The latest addition to The Arboretum at Penn State opened to the public on Monday, July 7 — the Childhood’s Gate Children’s Garden. A garden for children and anyone who is young at heart, Childhood’s Gate is a unique space for exploring nature, fostering wonder and celebrating the plants, animals and geography of central Pennsylvania.

Should world maps be redrawn?
Maps are always changing. A new nation is added. Old lines cease to make sense. Turf is claimed and reclaimed.What parts of the world should rethink their maps? Why and how?


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