GEOINT and Young Professionals: What are the Ramifications for Geospatial Intelligence

Recorded March 28, 2013

In this webinar, you will learn how GEOINT’s workforce is changing and why that change will impact how we develop geospatial intelligence.

These changes are mainly due to three broad generational drivers:

  1. GEOINT’s younger workforce readily accepts and reaches out to diverse people around the globe because they communicate with them readily.
  2. There is pressure to balance caring about people, the planet and work.
  3. Younger workers are digital natives, constantly texting, phoning, blogging, chatting, IM-ing, surfing, watching and playing - all at the same time.

Why you should attend

There is a growing awareness of this change within the GEOINT community. The good news is that leaders in the GEOINT community appreciate the need to evolve. The bad news is that the community likely cannot go far enough fast enough. This raises key questions we will address:

  • Is this a unique change or just part of normal human progress?
  • Are there things Boomers should know about this new generation that impact the GEOINT tradecraft?
  • How can present day management meet the expectations of GEOINT’s new generation?
  • How can a GEOINT organization preoccupied with information security meet the requirements of the new “connected” generation?


  • Dr. Todd Bacastow, Professor of Practice for Geospatial Intelligence, Penn State University
  • Stephen Handwerk, Manager, GEOINT Professional Engagement and Outreach, Penn State
  • Eric R. Zitz, Mission Analytics, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Jen Stansall, Manager, Global Strategic Alliances, DigitalGlobe, DigitalGlobe

Who should attend

  • Managers of geospatial intelligence organizations and professionals
  • Young professionals working in or aspiring to work within the geospatial intelligence community