GIS Analyst - Lake County Forest Preserves, IL

Mon, 11/09/2015 - 12:24 -- exf107


GIS Analyst

General Office | Libertyville, IL | Planning and Land Preservation 
Weekly Hours: 40
Open Until: November 20, 2015 at 05:00 PM CST
Job Status: Full-Time
Rate of Pay: $21.06 - $26.35
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Job Summary

The GIS Analyst identifies, evaluates and implements the Geographic Information System (GIS) and relational database (RDB) business needs of the Lake County Forest Preserve District.  This position develops and manages a GIS system based on user and organizational needs.  This position reports to the Land Preservation Manager.


Essential Functions & Experience

Essential Functions -

Develops and maintains a District-wide Geographic Information System, including the land management GIS and ecological databases.  Collaborates with staff to identify departmental GIS needs.  Identifies opportunities to establish and implement common data management standards and business processes, as well as data use, collection and sharing of policies and procedures.  Develops programming for automated data imports to the ecological RBD and creates templates, forms, tables, queries and reports from it. Establishes a unified process for creating, editing and storing geospatial and demographic data to effectively inventory, maintain and promote District resources.  Develops and generates digital mapping data, GIS queries, spatial overlays and other GIS analysis using ESRI GIS software and GPS hardware including post-processing data and integration with relational database information.  Establishes structure and data consistency in regards to data imports from CAD and non-ESRI GIS systems. Establishes policies in regards to GIS data usage and the flow of GIS data within the organization, and assesses the sharing of data across departments.  Analyzes the District’s use of GIS data to ensure organizational efficiencies.  Produces departmental reports and provides data analytics and interpretation.  Coordinates and oversees the staff GIS User’s Group to collaborate and share ideas on the use and management of the centralized Geographic Information System.  Performs lifting tasks up to 25 pounds.  Drives a motorized vehicle to travel to different locations.  Performs tasks that will require walking, bending, stooping, and bending.

Qualifications -

Bachelor Degree in Geographic Information Systems, Geographic Information Science, Management Information Systems, Geography, or Computer Science with GIS Certificate or Specialization.  Three years’ experience with relational database and geodatabase development, management and design.  Knowledge in the operation of database, statistical, mapping and spreadsheet software packages, including ESRI’s ArcPad, ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Online and related tools (File and SDE Geodatabases, COGO tools, SQL Server, Maplex, VB Script & Python).  Knowledge of Microsoft Access, Excel, and Word.  Familiarity with Microstation, TOPCON GPS unit, and TOPCON Tesla data collector unit and software.  Possess a valid motor vehicle driver’s license.