The Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management - Tier II Intern position

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From: Grant Shea <>
Date: November 5, 2015 at 2:31:50 PM EST
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Subject: Tier II Intern Job Description

Good Afternoon,
The Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management is accepting applications for our Tier II Intern position.  This is a paid temporary position grant funded through April 30, 2016. The position will require 20 hours of work per week and will be given a $5000 stipend.
This opportunity is ideal for highly-motivated graduate or undergraduate students interested in careers in emergency management. Applicants should have strong interpersonal, writing, and oral communication skills. Professionalism, the ability to work individually and in teams, and flexibility are essential. The Tier II Intern will assist in the collection and management of fees from companies throughout the city who are required under federal law to submit reports on chemical storage.
Interested candidates should read the attached flyer for details and application instructions.  I will also be posting this on the Penn State Career Web, AU Career Web, Careers4Terps, USciences Carrer Site and iNet Internship Network.
Please share this opportunity widely.
Grant W. Shea, M.S.
Health and Medical Planning Coordinator 
Emergency Management 
City of Philadelphia 

215-686-4994 (Office) 
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