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July 5, 2016


One of our MGIS alumni was part of a group that won a Special Achievement in GIS award at the Esri User Conference— a big deal in the professional scene. The photo here shows the alumnus Roger Bannister (center) with Doug Miller (right) and Pat Kennelly (left), two of the professors he worked with.


• Cindy Brewer gave a presentation at The Village at Penn State as part of the Conversation with Colleagues Colloquium on June 23.

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• The Department of Geography Speakers Committee is accepting names for Miller Lecture and Coffee Hour speakers for the upcoming academic year.  Send your suggestions to Guido Cervone by July 31.



From Climate Central
Climate Change is Tipping Scales Toward More Wildfires
The 2016 wildfire season has barely begun and dozens of large wildfires have already raged through Western states, with hundreds of thousands of acres burned. This comes on the heels of a 2015 wildfire season that was the worst on record in the U.S., with more than 10 million acres burned.


From Fast Company
The Geek Behind Google’s Map Quest
Ed Parsons, Google’s geographer-in-chief, is leaning over an 18th century woodcut map from the Chonhado, the Korean atlas of the world. Here, on thin parchment, the earth is a wobbly blue watercolor dot centered around the sacred Mount Meru, close to a large red circle representing Beijing. China and Korea make up the large part of the map, while the foreign lands beyond their borders are like afterthoughts, represented only by a thin peripheral strip of land.



Inferring Censored Geo-Information with Non-Representative Data
By Zhang, Yu and Yang, Tse-Chuan, and Matthews, Stephen A.
In Machine Learning and Data Mining in Pattern Recognition: 12th International Conference, MLDM 2016, New York, NY, USA, July 16-21, 2016, Proceedings
Doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-41920-6_17


Critical pedagogy and the fierce urgency of now: opening up space for critical reflections on the U.S. civil rights movement
By Joshua F. J. Inwood

In Social & Cultural Geography


A Geolinguistic Approach for Comprehending Local Influence in OpenStreetMap
By Sterling Quinn
In Cartographica



High Latitude Dynamics of Atmosphere-Ice-Ocean Interactions
By Spengler, T., I. Renfrew, A. Terpstra, M. Tjernström, J. Screen, I. Brooks, A. Carleton, D. Chechin, L. Chen, J. Doyle, I. Esau, P. Hezel, T. Jung, T. Kohyama, Lüpkes, K. McCusker, T. Nygård, D. Sergeev, M. Shupe, H. Sodemann, and T. Vihma
In Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc.
doi:10.1175/BAMS-D-15-00302.1, in press

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