Call for interns to help with mapping platform development

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Dear Anthony and Beth,

I'm currently working as Regional Data Manager for Open Development Mekong (, an innovative platform for aggregating, organizing and objectively presenting a wide range of data and information, across landscapes and sectors, to illuminate development trends. Initiated in 2011, the pilot site, Open Development Cambodia (, is a go-to site for private sector, civil society, academia, technocrats, and development partners, and is frequently cited as a source for news, research, and planning. Interactive maps and accompanying information on related actors effectively illustrates development trends, while avoiding political censure. 
The site attracts 35,000 visitors monthly on average, 40% return users. Now expanding across the Mekong, a new unified database will support five country websites (Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos), in both native and English language, along with the regional Open Development Mekong. The shared back architecture enables a regional view; the first such attempt to capture development trends from the ground up at a transborder level. 
We are currently looking to recruit a number of interns to support the development of our database, map explorer interface and other data visualisations. I have attached an outline of the kinds of projects that could potentially be hosted through ODI and was wondering if the Department of Geography would be interested in collaborating with the initiative by offering internships to students completing their degrees in GIS. 
I've also attached a brochure for your reference. 
Kind regards,


Pyrou Chung
ODM Regional Data Manager
Open Development Initiative
East West Management Institute
Skype: prustar1007


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