Dept. of Geography News & Events this Week - 8/30/16

August 30, 2016


Welcome Back Reception at Hintz

A bird’s-eye view of the department’s Welcome Back Reception held August 24 at the Hintz Family Alumni Center. Newcomers were introduced and welcomed as students, faculty and staff reunited and shared tales of their summer adventures.



  • Kevin Bernstein, Yanni Cao, Carolynne Hultquist, and Mark Simpson earned their master’s degrees.
  • Doug Baldwin, Elaine Guidero, Li-San Hung, Paulo Raposo, and Chongming Wang earned their doctoral degrees.
  • Sara Cavallo, Carolyn Fish, Laura Harding, and Nari Senanayake passed their comps.
  • Rachel Isaacs, Nate Frey, and Jase Bernhardt defended their dissertations.
  • Welcome to our newest postdocs: Liping Yang in GeoVISTA and Carlington Wallacein Riparia.
  • Brian King and Karl Zimmerer are back from sabbaticals.
  • Erica Smithwick is back from her Fulbright semester in South Africa.
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Fall semester Coffee Hour kicks off September 9
This fall’s Coffee Hour lectures will start on September 9 with Ann Jolly, an epidemiologist at the University of Ottawa. Coffee Hour is a weekly lecture hosted by the Department of Geography on Friday afternoons celebrating interdisciplinary scholarship and collegiality for nearly 50 years. 


UROC open for fall graduate project submissions
Take advantage of the great opportunity to have an undergraduate research assistant with UROC (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Connection). A research assistant can help you with making maps, reviewing literature, transcribing or coding interviews, analyzing data, etc. Your UROC project can be linked to your thesis or dissertation research, or a side project.


Department Newsletter
The Summer 2016 Department of Geography annual newsletter, GEOGRAPH, is now available online.


GEOGRAPH highlight
Because of mentors like you …
I was asked to write a few words about Brent and it is with pleasure that I do so.  Brent Yarnal is my academic father. As a professor, I am often asked to write letters of recommendation or support for students and colleagues and I always try to do so as best as possible, but this letter or short note is special. 


Geography of Adolescent Obesity in the U.S., 2007−2011
By Michael R. Kramer, Ilana G. Raskind, Miriam E. Van Dyke, Stephen A. Matthews, Jessica N. Cook-Smith

In American Journal of Preventive Medicine

eanalyzing environmental lidar data for archaeology: Mesoamerican applications and implications
By Charles Golden, Timothy Murtha, Bruce Cook, Derek S. Shaffer, Whittaker Schroder, Elijah J. Hermitt, Omar Alcover Firpi, Andrew K. Scherer

In Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports



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Who is this horse? Who is his family?

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