ArcFM/ArcGIS Analyst Location: Allentown, PA

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To whom it may concern,

Hello my name is Timothy Lee. I graduated from Penn State in May 2016 and am currently working as a recruiter with Computer Enterprises (CEI) in Plymouth Meeting.

I am currently working on a job order for a ArcFM/ArcGIS analyst position for PPL in Allentown PA.
As you may know ArcFM is a pretty niche skillset and is hard to come across in the market. Most people who have these skillsets are based in GA or TX and don’t want to relocate, or they are already working for PPL.

I was hoping I could reach out to the faculty of the Geography Department for help.
If you have any acquaintances/colleagues/friends etc who you think would be interested in this position please fwd the job description below to them.
Those who are interested can send me their updated resume to my email:

Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

ArcFM/ArcGIS Analyst
Location: Allentown, PA 18101
·         The position will act in a lead role for a subset of team members responsible for acceptance and QA of conflated facility data.
·         Job duties to include validating GPS device verification of a sample of assets, visual validation in the client’s Electric Facilities Database system of lines, feeders, and assets against an industry standard land base.
·         Also includes comparison of connectivity and hierarchy of facilities, validation of maintained relationships of items (i.e. fuses) to assets (i.e. poles), validation of adherence to company cartographic standards, and other measures to be determined.
·         Duties will also include verification that connectivity was maintained at ends/ties of conflated pilot section.
·         Acting as an acceptance lead
·         Respond to outputs from the auto QA procedures, resolving conflicts, maintaining integrity of the designs and making sure standards are followed.

·         5+ years of experience with ArcFM/ArcGIS as an analyst
·         Exposure to conflation, version management, and QA/QC processes.
·         History with GIS in the utilities space (electric a must)

Rate: $35-$60/hr
Duration: 12-15 month contract


Timothy Lee
Technical Recruiter
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