American Geographical Society Council Fellowship - applications due 11/1/17

AGS Council Fellowship (

The councilors of the American Geographical Society created the AGS Council Fellowship to support graduate student scholarship in pursuit of geographical knowledge, and especially fieldwork.  The fellowship is open to all student members of the American Geographical Society, both Masters and Doctoral Students. Each fellowship is worth $1,500 and four will be awarded in 2018.

The AGS Council Fellowship is accepting applications for the 2018 Council Fellowship.

To download program details for the 2018 Council Fellowship click here!

Applications for the award must be received in the AGS office by November 1st, 2017.  Digital submissions are preferred. To be considered an applicant, one must be a current member of the American Geographical Society and a graduate or doctorate student.

The AGS Council Fellowships Program will consider proposals concerned with any sub-field of geography. The program encourages, but does not require, a fieldwork component.

Proposals should contain the following components:

A cover page containing the project name , applicant’s name, position, affiliation, telephone number, postal address, and e-mail address (1 page maximum);
A narrative that outlines the proposed research, specifies the reason for doing the research by placing it in the context of published work, and describes how results will be disseminated (3 page maximum);
A bibliography, containing only those items listed in the narrative (1 page maximum);
An abbreviated curriculum vitae emphasizing factors that illustrate the applicant’s competence/experience in the proposed area of research (2 page maximum);
A budget (maximum $1,500) itemizing expenses, with brief justification for each expense category (1 page maximum);
Technical specifications:

One inch margins
12 point type (Calibri, Courier, or Times New Roman preferred)
Single or 1.5 line spacing with indented paragraphs
Pages numbered consecutively beginning with title page
Final copy submitted electronically in MS Word or PDF format
(Page limits and technical specification should be adhered to closely)

Upon completion of the research, fellowship recipients are strongly encouraged to submit an article based upon their research to one of the AGS publications, such as the Geographical Review or FOCUS on Geography. The AGS Council Fellowship recipients will be announced in March 2017.

Applicants should be sent to with the subject “AGS Council Fellowship Committee”

For further information contact:

Dr. Marie Price at or (202) 994-6187