Minnesota Department of Transportation - Research Analyst Intermediate/GIS

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  Date Posted: 1/02/18  
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Job Classification: Research Analyst Intermediate/GIS 

Employment Condition: Unlimited, Full-time

Division/District/Office/Section:    Modal Planning & Program Management/Central Office/Office of Transportation System Management/Planning & Data Analysis/Data Systems & Coordination

Job Description:

The purpose of this position is to update and edit the Geographic Information System (GIS) BaseMap products using the new Linear Reference System (LRS). This position will research, interpret and analyze all relevant data (aerial photography, videolog, etc.) and corresponding data sources to ensure the completeness, integrity, standardization, and quality of data entered into the Roadway Characteristics Editor (RCE) and coordinate data integration with the spatial data systems. 

Required Qualifications: 
Two years professional experience performing research, analysis and interpretation work, including the development of reports.  (*NOTE: A Bachelor’s degree in Geography or Computer Science or closely related field will substitute for one year of professional experience).
Working knowledge and skill in creating, processing, analyzing and managing GIS data and corresponding metadata.
Working knowledge of spatial concepts, spatial data storage, integration, manipulation, views and analysis.
Knowledge of cartographic principles and techniques.

Preferred Qualifications:
Working knowledge of Roadway Data and GIS linear reference application components and system.
Ability to create route data, display route data events and calibrate routes with point location data.
Experience implementing the Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines and knowledge of the federal standard, the Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata.

Applications must be made in writing and include a current resume by January 8, 2018.

Interested permanent, classified employees in the above listed job classification/class option in the Minnesota Department of Transportation seniority unit may submit written application to:

    Name:   Nadean Erickson
Location:  Central Office/MS200
Phone:   651.366.3383
Outlook ID:  Nadean.m.erickson@state.mn.us
Fax No:   651.366.3407

NOTE:  If you are ineligible to express interest, you may apply online at the Minnesota State Careers website at https://mn.gov/mmb/careers to Job ID 19255. Select “Current Employees.” Once logged-in with your Employee Self-Service user ID and password, navigate to the “Careers” link to find this vacancy.