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Mon, 04/09/2018 - 10:49 -- exf107

I’m Caleb Parker with FHI 360 at our headquarters office in NC. We’re a global human development NGO with research projects and programs in multiple sectors around the world. We’re building our GIS portfolio quite fast with several new awards and new potential awards. As the primary GIS Analyst for our organization, I’m becoming overwhelmed with work. Therefore, we need to fill a new position who can support and expand our current work.


Our ideal candidate is recent graduate of a Masters Geography program with solid skills in several GIS platforms (including ArcGIS), geospatial analyses, and programming languages like R or Python. They also need to have solid skills in quantitative methods outside a GIS environment, like working in SPSS, SAS, or R. We also provide GIS trainings for our internal staff and partner organizations globally, so someone who is capable of conducting trainings is a plus. International travel is certainly a part of this job, so that person must want to do that as well.


The work that this position would support includes (1) helping to liaise with data architects to design and build data collection>data management systems that an ArcGIS Online map accesses for projects in multiple countries regarding disease surveillance, (2) helping to build models of spatial accessibility to maternal health in Ethiopia, (3) helping conduct spatial analyses that involve both social and environmental data in Malawi, (4) helping to design and implement a 5-day training using ArcPro and ArcGIS Online, and (5) responding to requests for basic mapping for a variety of projects.


Please pass this on to anyone you’d recommend. We strongly recommend that any candidates share a portfolio on work in GIS and in quantitative methods.




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Caleb Parker| Research Associate II/GIS Analyst

Behavioral, Epidemiological, and Clinical Sciences Division

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