GIS Adjunct – Dickinson College

Tue, 10/30/2018 - 23:18 -- exf107

Dickinson College
GIS Adjunct – Job Announcement

Course Description:
Dickinson College (Carlisle, PA) is looking for a qualified adjunct to teach one Introduction to GIS course in Spring 2019. The Introduction to GIS course provides a fundamental foundation of theoretical and applied skills in geographic information systems (GIS) technology that will enable students to investigate problems and make decisions that incorporate geography and place as elemental constructs. Utilizing GIS software applications from ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute), students work on a progression of tasks and assignments focused on GIS data collection, manipulation, analysis, output, and presentation. The lab exercises supplement and reinforce the GIS theory and technology concepts introduced through lectures and discussion. The course as currently scheduled includes both a lecture and lab component, for a combined meeting time of 5.5 contact hours per week.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Coordinate with the Dickinson College GIS Specialist to plan, organize, and prepare instructional material for an Introduction to GIS course, using ArcGIS software from ESRI.
• Provide instruction according to the class meeting schedule and instructional hours established for the course.
• Assist students toward the successful completion of the course by providing outreach, guidance, and timely feedback.
• Maintain regular office hours.

• Bachelor's degree in GIS, Geography, Environmental Science, Information Technology, or related discipline. Master's degree preferred.
• Demonstrated knowledge of and proficiency with ESRI software, including ArcGIS ver. 10.x and extensions (e.g., Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst), and/or ArcGIS Pro.
• Demonstrated proficiency with ArcGIS Online.
• Demonstrated proficiency using computer applications, online resources, and other technologies for the classroom to develop and build course content and perform administrative duties as needed (posting office hours, syllabi, grades, etc.).
• Classroom experience teaching at the college or university level.
• Proven ability to work with a diverse faculty, staff and student population.

Interested candidates can contact Michael Beevers, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, at or (717) 254-3630.