Dept. of Geography News & Events this Week - 11/13/18

Today is GIS day | Dowler awarded | Baka profiled


Carolynne Hultquist chaired a session and gave presentations at SciDataCon 2018 as part of International Data Week in Gaborone, Botswana. International Data Week was attended by over 800 people from 66 countries and convened by CODATA, the ICSU World Data System, and the Research Data Alliance. She received travel funding from the Penn State Center for Social Data Analytics. Hultquist organized a session with Penn State Professors Guido Cervone and Jenni Evans on “Harnessing the power of the digital revolution: Data- and computation-driven research for Environmental Hazards.” The session covered challenges in accessing and evaluating relevant environmental data for use in computing applications that increase the societal value of the data and can provide assessment of the direct impact of decisions. She presented on “Assessment of Contributed Environmental Data for Decision-making during Disasters.” She also gave a presentation on “Validation of Spatio-Temporal Citizen Science Data” in a session on “Citizen Science Data – from Collection to Curation to Management.”