ActioNet - Cartographer Scientific Research and Analysis, Washington, DC

Thu, 01/31/2019 - 13:52 -- exf107

Position at ActioNet

The Humanitarian Information Unit (HIU) was established to promote and make maximum use of the newest information technologies to identify, collect, analyze, and disseminate unclassified information critical to USG preparation for and response to complex emergencies and to encourage best practices in humanitarian information management. The HIU is a division of the Office of the Geographer and Global Issues in the Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR/GGI). The HIU uses a variety of geographic information systems (GIS), technologies and tools to produce databases, map products, and written analyses that meet defined needs of senior-level policy makers in Washington and in embassies and consulates overseas.

This position is for a Cartographer at Department of State in INR/GGI/HIU and reports to the HIU Division Chief and Deputy Chief. This employee will work with HIU analysts, researchers, and cartographers and must have experience in translating analyst requirements into high-quality cartographic products. The incumbent will typically work on several maps simultaneously and must be able to manage competing and changing product deadlines—especially during an emergency. HIU uses ArcGIS Desktop software to analyze datasets and primarily uses Adobe Illustrator and Avenza MAPublisher to create and finish cartographic products.