State of Geospatial Employment Survey

ASPRS & CAGIS are distributing the first ever State of Geospatial Employment Survey. This survey will be the largest survey of its kind providing valuable data on the state of geospatial employment, compensation and ideology across different countries, professions and types of employers.

Just click on the following link to participate in this historic event.

Make your experience count!




· Where do I go to participate?
Go to

· Can I forward the survey to other geospatial professionals?
Yes, all geospatial professionals (aspiring, current and retired) are encouraged to participate. Just forward them the link

· Will you be collecting my name, email, address or phone number?
No, sensitive information such as name, email, address, phone, school/employer name will not be collected.

· What kind of information will be collected?
General Information about your education, employment and nonsensitive demographic information will be collected.

· How will my data be used? Your results will be used only in aggregate (summary) to identify patterns. The aggregated results could be shared with professional organizations, universities, and companies as published report.

· Will I be able to see the results of the survey?
Yes, once the survey has been analyzed and summarized we will post the summary results on the ASPRS Website (

· Will anyone try to sell me something or get me to sign up for anything?
At no time will we attempt to sell you anything or ask you to sign up for additional research or products.


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