Six openings at NOAA's Coast Survey

Thu, 05/16/2019 - 20:05 -- exf107

Hi geography (and related fields) educators,

We have six openings at NOAA's Coast Survey listed below -- five federal entry-level field hydrography positions on one of our small boat crews at different locations around the country, and one contractor GIS Specialist summer internship at our Silver Spring, MD headquarters with ERT.  Please feel free to share with your students, soon-to-be-graduates, and recent graduates.

GIS Specialist (Summer Internship) - The intern will work in the Format and Distribution Branch (FADS) of the Marine Chart Division (MCD), which is responsible for distribution of all nautical chart products and associated catalogs used in the safe navigation in U.S territorial waters.  He or she will develop and implement GIS software and database solutions to improve automated processes for the nautical charting system and hydrographic services, among other duties.  Must have 2+years of experience working with ArcGIS and geospatial data.

Navigation Response Team Physical Science Technicians (5 positions in 4 locations, including Fernadina Beach, FL, Galveston, TX, Stennis, MS, and Seattle, WA) -- The selected candidates will crew and conduct hydrographic surveys, as well as respond to maritime emergencies from onboard one of our Navigation Response Team small vessels.  NOAA’s NRTs work around-the-clock after a storm to speed the reopening of ports and waterways.  The teams operate trailer-able survey launches equipped with multibeam and side scan sonar which help identify dangers to navigation.  During an emergency response the NRTs provide time-sensitive information to the U.S. Coast Guard or port officials, and transmit data to NOAA cartographers for updating Coast Survey’s suite of navigational charts. The teams also respond to maritime incidents such as vessel groundings, sinkings, or cargo loss that may require underwater searches to mitigate risk to life and property.

Also, do let me know if you would prefer that I post these positions on Handshake for your university or college rather than send you emails.  (Some people prefer that I do both.)


Kathleen Jamison
Chief, Resource Management Staff
NOAA Office of Coast Survey
1315 East-West Highway
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
Office: (240) 533-0092 
Mobile: (202) 302-7600