Weston Solutions, Inc. - four positions open

Thu, 06/27/2019 - 10:55 -- exf107

Hi Beth,


I’m an alumnus of the Penn State MGIS program and would like to share some job openings my company (Weston Solutions) has with the Penn State GIS community.  Weston is a premier provider of environmental and infrastructure support services serving federal, state and local government, and industrial, utility, and commercial clients.  Here’s a list of our current GIS-related openings:


·         GIS Analyst 1 - West Chester, PA: https://www.westonsolutions.com/careers/career-opportunities/?p=job%2FoS...

·         GIS Programmer/Analyst – West Chester, PA: https://www.westonsolutions.com/careers/career-opportunities/?p=job%2FoF...

·         Programmer Analyst – Frisco, TX: https://www.westonsolutions.com/careers/career-opportunities/?p=job%2Fo5...

·         Geologist with GIS Experience for Emergency Response Team – Lakewood, CO: https://www.westonsolutions.com/careers/career-opportunities/?p=job%2Foj...

I would request that any applicants email me their resume before completing the application and enter my name in the “Referred by” field of the application form.

Thanks, and hope all is well!

Kyle Heulitt

Weston Solutions, Inc.

205 Campus Drive

Edison, NJ 08837

Office:  732-417-5812

Fax:  732-417-5801