GIS Intern Position for Borough of Northampton, PA

Mon, 05/11/2020 - 11:38 -- exf107

GIS Intern Position for Borough of Northampton, PA

Job Description

Interview Logistics: Contact Borough Manager LeRoy Brobst at  610-262-2576 or Victor Rodite, AICP, Northampton Borough Community Planner at 570-236-7706 or for more information about internship.


Required Skills Set: ARG GIS Pro and ARC GIS Online skills are required.

Education Required: University Sophomore, Junior, Senior or graduate student.

Project Description and working conditions:

  • Prepare a municipal sewer line map based on a set of accurate blue-print maps that are nearly 100 years old.  The information from these old maps should be transferred to our new GIS map of the Borough of Northampton.  Sewer manholes should be located on our GIS map using Collector as the Arc GIS data collection application.  Pictures should be taken of the manhole, the surrounding street and development.  Sewer invert, direction of flow, and all other pertinent information should be added to the electronic database.  Manholes and sewer lines that have been treated to reduce and/or eliminate ground water infiltration should be identified. This work activity will be supervised directly by the Northampton Borough Manager and will be coordinated with the Northampton Public Works Director.
  • Prepare GIS maps depicting monthly traffic accidents in the Borough of Northampton.  This work will be supervised by the Northampton Borough Community Planner in coordination with the Northampton Borough Chief of Police. 
  • Prepare a series of maps as needed for the Northampton Borough CR-HD-SR329 Specific Plan; this is an industrial/commercial project area.  This Specific Plan will be designed to be consistent with the Northampton Borough 2005 to 2030 Comprehensive Plan and shall also be consistent with a regional comprehensive plan starting this spring.  The regional plan will be prepared by the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission for the mid-Lehigh River Boroughs (two boroughs plus Northampton Borough) and adjacent townships (two).  This internship task will be supervised by the Northampton Borough Community Planner who is soon to reach his 80th birthday and interested in giving younger planners an opportunity to contribute to our municipal government.  There is also the possibility that Northampton Borough will need to update our borough Act 537 Sewerage Facilities Plan.
  • Teach local Northampton Borough municipal staff to enable them to utilize GIS. 

Working Conditions: The intern shall share office space with the Borough Manager and/or with the Borough Community Planner. Our Borough Administration office is currently open to staff only - not to the public. Some Work from home is possible during COVID-19 distancing requirements. If applicant does not live in Northampton Borough or Northampton County, living arrangements may be negotiated as well as a small stipend.