Trimble MAPS - work remotely as a digital cartographer

Thu, 06/25/2020 - 17:09 -- exf107


I have a need for an immediate paid intern to work remotely as a digital cartographer.

Trimble MAPS provides commercial mapping, routing, and navigation software to many different industries.  I am the Director of Design and Cartography and lead our map tiles and SDK team.  I need someone to help with digital cartography tasks for our map tiles (vector and raster). This involves making design and data decisions for the raster and vector map tiles, as well as responding to customer requests, suggestions, and issues.

Day-to-day this would entail working on digital map code creating new map features, improving existing features, solving map bugs, improving performance, and supporting the SDK team with map tiles. There are opportunities to create brand new map designs as well and for other other platforms like mobile or desktop.

We will train the person on specific skills, but some basic abilities are required:
Cartography experience or coursework beyond GIS
Knowledge or interest in map design
Comfortable with semi-complex technical procedures (running scripts, setting up environments, structured testing)
Comfort with some code (mostly JSON and JavaScript) very helpful
Any experience with Mapbox environment very useful
Git knowledge helpful
This would start as soon as possible and continue through the summer and into the fall if possible, and potentially into a full-time position.

Please pass this along to any qualified student and have them email me directly.

Thank you,
Nick Springer
Director of Design and Cartography
Trimble MAPS
1 Independence Way, Princeton, New Jersey 08540
t: 609-683-0220 (x263129)  e: | Trimble MAPS Journey