Grad summer internships

Fri, 01/15/2021 - 10:23 -- exf107

Summer internship opportunities for grad students:

PPN Seeking Interns

Position Summary: Pennsylvania Population Network seeks interns with interest in public policy for summer 2021 to work on research and dissemination of demographic information on pressing topics within the state of Pennsylvania. Interns spend the majority of time assisting with data analysis, data visualization production, and writing engaging policy briefs accessible to decision makers, agency personnel, and the general public. The tasks required to accomplish these projects include collecting and analyzing data from a variety of sources; compiling data and writing/editing concise summaries; fact-checking; problem-solving; and liaising with members of PPN and PaSDC. The intern may be assigned to other tasks, dependent on availability and needs.

PPN Internship 2021$158872/9925$23837.htmld

Questions contact Raeven Chandler, Director PPN (