Disaster Manager for Situational Awareness & Planning

Tue, 10/19/2021 - 17:37 -- exf107

Colleague, we are looking to get this opportunity posting into the hands of recent graduates of your program.  Would you be able to assist us with mentioning it to your current and prospective students?  Many thanks and please communicate with us if you have any questions or would like to offer intern opportunities.


Disaster Manager for Situational Awareness & Planning

The Red Cross Needs YOU!  The Central & Southern Ohio Region of the American Red Cross is looking to hire a motivated person who can lead disaster planning and the situational awareness unit for a region covering 47 counties (serving 6.1 million) in the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.  This is a fantastic opportunity for graduates of Emergency Management Degrees, Geographic Information Science, or people very familiar with systems such as ESRI and PowerBI.  This opportunity offers deployments of up to two weeks during times disaster with a focus on readiness with the Region.  Please contact chad.whitaker@redcross.org with questions apply today at the link below.



Chad Whitaker | Certified Disaster Manager

American Red Cross

Readiness & Response Manager

Central & Southern Ohio Region

Cell: (419)-512-5929


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