Google seeking Research Scientists, Software Engineers, and Research Interns

Wed, 10/20/2021 - 13:52 -- exf107

We're currently hiring within my team at Google. Below is a brief description of the team's focus. If you have recent/upcoming PhD grads or more senior folks that you'd recommend, feel free to share their CV or contact info with me. Carolina Osorio (


The Spacetime team is part of Google Research in Mountain View, solving challenging spatio-temporal problems with the goal of improving a range of Transportation use cases. We are an impact-driven team that builds models capturing movements of people in the real world and powers predictions in Google Maps. Some of our past and current projects include work in Parking, Public Transit, Itineraries, and Traffic simulations. We are seeking full-time Research Scientists, Software Engineers, and Research Interns with experience in Traffic Modeling, Transportation Simulation, Operations Research, and/or Reinforcement Learning to work on high-impact projects designing and implementing novel solutions in the Transportation space as well as conducting novel research and publishing at top-tier venues.