Thu, 10/21/2021 - 11:53 -- exf107

Applications must be received by October 27th.  This is a reposted job advertisement.

The Maryland Geological Survey has an opening for a Geologist Lead who will be asked to perform a variety of duties.  This position is for a mid to late career scientist who has a variety of knowledge and can help lead projects and provide insight into program management.  Some key responsibilities will be the Curator of data within the Survey, gathering that data, assembling that data, and publishing the catalogs of that data; GIS compilation of existing geologic data (both geologic maps and discrete geologic information); and, grant writing and management.  Lastly, this position will also have the opportunity for remote sensing in marine environments including sidescan sonar, multibeam bathymetry, and subbottom seismic.  The position will be in the Coastal and Environmental Geology section of the Maryland Geological Survey.  The position is located in Baltimore, Maryland with a work area throughout the State of Maryland. 

I ask that you share this job announcement with anyone you may know who is looking for a job with a variety of work, and who would be a strong member of the MGS team.

Thank You,

Richard Ortt