Maryland Geological Survey: Mid-Career Marine Geologist

Thu, 12/16/2021 - 17:18 -- exf107

Job Opportunity: Maryland Geological Survey: Mid-Career Marine Geologist

The Maryland Geological Survey has an opening for a  Marine Geologist who will be asked to perform a variety of duties.  This position is for a mid-career scientist who has a variety of field and office knowledge.  Some key responsibilities will be processing hydrologic and bathymetric data including side-scan sonar, multi-beam bathymetry, and shallow seismic data collection.  The position will also be a strong field scientist focused in lake, bay, marsh, and river sedimentation and capable of core sampling, grab sampling, pebble counts, and other classic geomorphology and marine sediment fieldwork  Office processing requirements will also include volume calculations, data display, and data interpretation using GIS tools such as ArcInfo and Surfer.  The position will be in the Coastal and Environmental Geology section of the Maryland Geological Survey.  The position is located in Baltimore, Maryland with a work area throughout the State of Maryland. 

I ask that you share this job announcement with anyone you may know who is looking for a job with a variety of work, and who would be a strong member of the MGS team.

Thank You,

Richard Ortt

The official posting and application site is:  .  The filing deadline is December 20th.


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