Online Remote Sensing Classes

We offer five online courses focused on key topics for geospatial professionals who are getting started in remote sensing and earth observation, or building on an existing image analysis skillset.

Each class is shown here, with links to their open course content and syllabi, as well as short descriptions to help you decide which classes make sense for you.

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GEOG 480: Exploring Imagery and Elevation Data in GIS Applications

What you'll learn: Display, manipulate, and analyze digital satellite and airborne imagery and elevation models in ArcGIS. Perform quality control and accuracy assessment in accordance with industry standards.

Technologies you'll use: ArcGIS

GEOG 481; Topographic Mapping with Lidar

What you'll learn: Display, process, edit and, analyze lidar point cloud data. Create derivate products, such as DEMs, TINs, and contours from lidar for use in GIS applications.

Technologies you'll use: ArcGIS, LP360

GEOG 589: Emerging Trends in Remote Sensing

What you'll learn: Discuss innovations in advanced remote sensing systems and applications with fellow students and industry experts.

Technologies you'll use: Varies for each offering, but past classes have used PixElement, ConnectExplorer, PureFileMagic, USGS HDDS, Landsat Explorer.

GEOG 883: Remote Sensing Image Analysis and Applications

What you'll learn: use fundamental image interpretation and state-of-the-art object-based image analysis methods to detect, identify, and delineate landforms and features of interest using medium and high-resolution digtial satellite and airborne multispectral imagery (Landsat, Sentinel, and NAIP), as well as lidar-derived elevation datasets.

Technologies you'll use: ArcGIS, eCognition

GEOG 892: Geospatial Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems

What you'll learn: Plan drone missions in compliance with federal regulations and process UAS-acquired imagery to produce orthrectified imagery and digital elevation models in accordance with industry standards to solve geospatial problems.

Technologies you'll use: ArduPilot Mission PlannerPix4D.

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