Advising (MS SDS)

It is our goal to make sure that you receive the attention and direction you deserve. Each incoming graduate student will work with the advising team for the first two years in the program. Doug Miller, Pat Kennelly, and Beth King are all on the advising team. The student will be assigned to a Capstone Adviser around the start of their third year in the program. The student will work with this adviser throughout their capstone project. The Capstone Adviser will be appointed by the Advising Coordinator.

A member of the Penn State Graduate Faculty will be assigned to the MGIS Candidate for Capstone Project advising. The Capstone Advisor meets with the student on a regular basis beginning with GEOG 596A, the Capstone Project Proposal course and culminating with the final presentation of the Capstone Project.

The Assistant Program Manager can help you with non-advising questions, such as scheduling or credit requirements.

Advising Coordinator

Doug Miller is the advising coordinator for the MGIS program. Doug will answer any advising related questions you have in the first two years of your coursework. He will work with you to determine your capstone project interests and assign a permanent adviser to you.

Assistant Program Manager for Online Geospatial Education

Beth King is the Assistant Program Manager for Online Geospatial Education. Beth will help track your progress in the program and make sure you have the information you need when making decisions about coursework. She can address questions and concerns or direct those questions to an appropriate faculty member or adviser.

If you want to get in touch with Doug, Beth or Pat, please use the email (they both receive those emails) or give Beth a call at (814) 865-9164.