Exit Interview/Final Thoughts (MS SDS)

At the end of your program you will be asked to take part in an exit interview. The exit interview is your opportunity to evaluate your experience of attending Penn State.

MS SDS Exit Interview Questions

1. Outlined below are the original goals of Penn State's Master of Science in Spatial Data Science (MS SDS) degree program. Please discuss the extent to which the program achieved these goals in your case, and how we could do better.

The goals of the MS SDS Program are to:

  • Help graduates advance their careers by becoming not only knowledgeable and skillful users of geographic information technologies, but also leaders in their organizations with regard to the design, specification and management of geographic information infrastructures. Specifically, I will be looking for information about how your job or job role has changed.
  • Cultivate not only technical competence but also writing and speaking skills, analytical skills, and professionalism.
  • Serve a national and international market of adult professionals who need to participate on a part-time basis and at a distance.

2. Please identify the strengths and weaknesses of the MS SDS program.

  • Were the faculty knowledgeable and attentive?
  • Was the quality of the lessons and assignments high?
  • Were the support staff helpful?
  • Any additional strengths you want to mention?
  • Any additional weaknesses you want to mention?

3. Was the MS SDS a worthwhile investment of your time and money?