Current and Returning Students

Important - please read:

Once you are registered, log into LionPATH regularly to see messages about semester bills. If you don't check your PSU email often, consider forwarding those messages to another email address.

You might still need to take action on your bill - even if someone else is paying it. Third Party Payment of your tuition and fees may be made by a third party — your company, for example. If your company is paying for your tuition and fees, our Student Financial Services office must receive an Authorization to Bill. An Authorization to Bill is a form from your company on letterhead and must include your name, semester, company name, company address, and payment amount. The Authorization to Bill may be faxed directly to the World Campus and Continuing Education Student Financial Services office at 814-863-1385 or emailed to If you have questions, you may call the office at 814-863-8300. Once the Authorization to Bill is received, Penn State will adjust your tuition as showing expected payment, and the company will be billed. Your employer must then pay your tuition within 30 days. 

Have you already taken a class with us?

If so, you can register for courses in one of three ways. If not, you need to first apply for a program. Are you a RESIDENT graduate student at Penn State? If so, follow this link.

  1. Fill out a Resume Study Form. If you didn't take a course last term (summer excluded), you will need to fill out a resume study form.
  2. Register Online Using LionPATH:
    1. Go to LionPATH. You will then be in the Student Center.
    2. You will need to complete the Pre-Registration Activity Guide.
    3. Click on the Search for Classes tab in the top right corner.
    4. Select WC-World Campus.
    5. In the Subject text box, type or choose GEOG from mthe drop down. If known, you can enter a specific course number. Hit the Search button.
    6. In the Course drop-down list, choose the course you want. Click the select button by the desired course.  
    7. If a green circle is displayed by the course information, this indicates that the course is open for enrollment and you can hit next to add the course to your shopping cart. A yellow triangle indicates that the course is full, but you can reserve a seat on the wait list. A blue square indicates the course is closed for enrollment.
    8. Click on your shopping cart.  Click Select button beside the course, and then hit the green enroll button.  This course has now been added to your schedule.
    9. The semester bill will be generated and sent to you at a later time. Semester bills are created on the first of the month and due on the 22nd of that month. You will receive notification in your PSU email.


Students who 1) experience problems, 2) have questions related to registration, or 3) are trying to schedule a controlled course can call the World Campus directly to schedule courses at 800-252-3592 (option 1, then option 2) or 814-863-5256.

If you have any questions not related to registration, please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions about Completing Your Registration

Taking Individual Classes for Professional Development

It is possible to enroll in Certificate and Master's classes without being admitted to one of these programs. You will first need to be admitted to the University as a non-degree graduate student using the procedures at To be admitted as a non-degree graduate student you must have earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution under residence and credit conditions substantially equivalent to those required by Penn State.

International Students

International applicants whose first language is not English or who have not received a baccalaureate or master's degree from an institution in which the language of instruction is English must submit a TOEFL score with their Graduate School application materials. The Graduate School recommends that a minimum overall total score of 80 points (out of 120) on the new test, with a minimum of 23 points (out of 30) on the new speaking portion, should be required for new students.