Advisory Board

Penn State's Online Geospatial Education Advisory Board provides an annual evaluation of the MGIS degree and our geospatial education certificate programs. The Advisory Board also provides strategic advice on how the programs can best respond to the needs of geospatial professionals and society.

External Advisory Board Members

Mamata Akella, Head of Cartography, CARTO

Christopher Cappelli, Director of Strategic Business Development, Esri

Robert Cheetham, President, Azavea

Chris Goranson, Distinguished Service Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Susan Kalweit, Director of Analysis, NGA

David Nale, President/CEO, eMap International

Linda Ratsep, Vice President, Ratsep Group

Rebecca Somers, President, Somers St. Clair

Paul Schneider, Economic Development Engineer, Georgia Power.

Adena Schutzberg, Founder, ABS Consulting Group, Inc.

Penn State Advisory Board Members

Frederico Fonseca, Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology

Stephen Matthews, Liberal Arts Professor of Sociology, Anthropology, and Demography

David Goldberg, Associate Clinical Professor, Landscape Architecture