Master of Geographic Information Systems

The MGIS degree program is designed for students who are ready to serve as leaders in the geospatial profession.

Students earn the MGIS degree by completing at least 36 credits of course work, including:

1. 12-15 credits, earned in one of the following programs of study:

2. 15-18 credits of graduate courses (500-level or above), including GEOG 583, 586, and 871 (a total of 18 credits across the entire degree must be earned at the 500 or 800-level)

3. An individual capstone project that culminates with a formal oral presentation at a professional conference, including completing GEOG 596A and GEOG 596B.

Customized curricular plans are developed for students in conjunction with an academic advisor. Contact us for more details on a plan that would make sense based on your background and goals.

All courses are taught by Penn State faculty. Students are expected to devote approximately eight to twelve hours of effort per week. All courses are offered during compressed ten-week terms. Although assignments are due weekly, students are free to study at their convenience. You can earn the MGIS degree in as little as 2 years, or proceed at the pace of your choosing if having more time between classes is important to you.

Admission to the Penn State MGIS Program is competitive. Applicants who have demonstrated their readiness for online graduate study at Penn State in our certificate programs are preferred.

The MGIS Degree section includes:

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