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May 28, 2013                                                             
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abandoned orphaned gas wells in PA

Locations of abandoned and orphaned wells in Pennsylvania. (source: PADEP). See related story below.


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Recent and soon to be graduates
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Recently published
Effects of high-frequency understorey fires on woody plant regeneration in southeastern Amazonian forests
Jennifer K. Balch, Tara J. Massad, Paulo M. Brando, Daniel C. Nepstad and Lisa M. Curran
Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 2013 368, 20120157, published 22 April 2013.
Anthropogenic understorey fires affect large areas of tropical forest, yet their effects on woody plant regeneration post-fire remain poorly understood. We examined the effects of repeated experimental fires on woody stem (less than 1 cm at base) mortality, recruitment, species diversity, community similarity and regeneration mode (seed versus sprout) in Mato Grosso, Brazil. From 2004 to 2010, forest plots (50 ha) were burned twice (B2) or five times (B5), and compared with an unburned control (B0). Stem density recovered within a year after the first burn (initial density: 12.4–13.2 stems m22), but after 6 years, increased mortality and decreased regeneration—primarily of seedlings—led to a 63 per cent and 85 per cent reduction in stem density in B2 and B5, respectively. Read more.

Clark Students Present Policy Ideas to Conservation Society
Clark undergraduates Michelle Andrews '14 and Christina Geller '13 and a group of graduate students enrolled in the Wildlife Conservation GIS Research Seminar taught by Associate Professor of Geography John Rogan and Research Assistant Professor Florencia Sangermano, recently traveled to the Bronx Zoo, the headquarters of the Wildlife Conservation Society, to present policy recommendations to WCS staff about species habitat protection for guanaco in Argentina and elephants in Tanzania. Read more.

From Living on Earth
DOE Looks for Orphan Wells in Pennsylvania
The federal government is pushing new efforts to deal with an old problem – abandoned oil and gas wells. In Pennsylvania, there may be as many as 100,000 orphan wells. If the wells were not sealed properly, they could explode. Listen.

Pennsylvania DEP Abandoned and Orphan Well Program

Venango County SEC Orphan Wells Project

From the CDT
Summer Road Trip: Laurel Highlands
Whether you’re a history buff or art aficionado, an outdoorsman or woman, or you want something family-friendly, you’ll find a smattering of everything in the Laurel Highlands region of southwestern Pennsylvania. Tucked in the hills of the Appalachian Mountains, the Laurel Highlands region comprises parts of Somerset, Cambria, Fayette and Westmoreland counties and is about two to three hours from State College. Read more.


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May 28 Working in PA Online Career Fair  

May 30–June 2 Penn State Alumni Association (PSAA) Traditional Reunion Weekend

July 13  Geography APG summer event. More information to be provided soon.


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May 23–25     GeoComputation International Conference in Wuhan, China. 

June 3–5        2013 PA GIS (Geospatial Information Systems) Conference in

                    State College, Pennsylvania

July 8–12      Esri International User Conference

July 16–18    The Society for Conservation GIS, Monterey, California 

August 15–17  Asian Urbanism and Beyond 

August 25–30  International Cartographic Conference (ICC) in Dresden, Germany

October 9–11 NACIS Conference in Greenville, South Carolina

October 9 –12 Pioneer America Society: Association for the Preservation of Artifacts and     

                      Landscapes (PAS:APAL) Utica, New York.   

October 13–16 GEOINT Symposium, Tampa, Florida

October 18-19  AAG Middle States Division Annual Meeting

October 24–26  Geographies of Labor, 35th Annual North American Labor History Conference

                       at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan

October 27–31 Imaging and Mapping for Disaster Management: From the Individual to the  

                      Global Community, joint conference of the CaGIS and ASPRS

October 30–November 2    AAG Middle Atlantic Division Regional Meeting

(jointly with AAG Applied Geography Specialty Group)

November 1–3  Graduate Climate Conference at Woods Hole, Massachusetts 

November 6–8   International Greening Education Event in Karlsruhe, Germany  


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