Directions Webinar: Geodesign as a Methodology for Land Use Planning - June 27

Geodesign as a Methodology for Land Use Planning

Thursday, June 27th 2013, 2:00pm - 3:00pm
local time (GMT -04:00 hours)
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This webinar addresses how geospatial professionals can advance through Penn State course offerings that combine science with design-thinking.

Today’s challenges in community design and natural resource conservation are far too complex for any one profession to adequately address. Problems and issues occur at multiple scales and require collaboration among diverse teams of experts and local citizens. This webinar describes the relevance of geodesign, the how and why of its application, and specifically focuses on Penn State’s program. 

Just the facts

Geodesign helps test the cumulative impacts of design options from the smallest locales to entire cities or regions, enabling relevant design solutions to be derived through this collaborative process. Many geospatial professionals are experienced in the extraction and creation of data, but find it harder to determine specific data usage in the messy iterative design process.  

Penn State brings geodesign alive through courses and programs which emphasize:
  • Design-thinking - combining creativity and innovation with geospatial information through an iterative, evaluative process
  • How to apply geodesign theory to real-world, contemporary problems and have an immediate impact on professional practice
  • Critical evaluation of geodesign techniques for use in a variety of geographic scales, cultural contexts and conditions
Peer and faculty feedback help students develop facility with the geodesign process and gain confidence to become leaders in geodesign projects.


  • Kelleann Foster, Associate Professor- Landscape Architecture, Penn State University
  • David Goldberg, Instructor/Designer, Penn State University and Renaissance Planning Group 
  • Wes Stroh, Lecturer, Online Geospatial Education, Penn State University
  • Vera Green,  MGIS student and Geomatics Analyst, ENR - FMD Fire Sciences

Who should attend

Anyone interested in geodesign


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