Geodesist Software Analyst - Silver Spring, MD

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Geodesist Software Analyst

Position: Full-Time
Location: Silver Spring, MD
Start Date: Immediate
Experience: 8 years

Position Description / Summary of Duties:

As Geodesist Software Analyst, analyze software and algorithms employed for processing gravity and terrain data to develop geoid height models. Determine the most optimal program coding and compilation options to get the best results in order to achieve a centimeter level accurate geoid height model in an optimal timeframe. Interact with other gravity and geoid groups, whether they be academic, governmental or international, in an effort to bring the NGS program up to current international standards on airborne gravity. Participate in activities (e.g., meetings forums, work sessions, conferences, etc.) related to collection, processing, interpretation and use of airborne gravity. Participate in research on data collected for the GRAV-D project in the fields of geodesy, oceanography, geophysics, and/or meteorology.

Required Skills:

  • Be familiar with NOAA and the office of National Geodetic Survey (NGS), including the mission of NGS (specific to the definition of the vertical datum)
  • Be very knowledgeable about Unix -- particularly Sun/Solaris -- operating systems and techniques for optimizing code.
  • Be very knowledgeable about FORTRAN programming
  • Be familiar with other programming code including C, C++, JAVA, etc.
  • The ability to communicate well in writing and in person, and be able to work day-to-day independently.

Clearance Required:
Access to the NOAA building is controlled and contractor personnel will be issued a badge, which shall be displayed in accordance with NOAA regulations. A NOAA security application is required to be completed prior to receiving the badge.


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