National Geography Society - Geography Interns - Washington, D.C. - deadline October 11, 2013

The application requires 5 types of information, as outlined in the official job announcement (Job ID 5722), available at  (if that doesn't work, go to and click on from there)

Part of the application must be submitted online and part via postal mail.
1) Personal statement of 500 words or less -- please provide a copy to us for your file and to include with package.

2) Resume using the categories specified by NGS (extracurricular activities, awards and recognitions, employment history, special interests, hobbies and travel; and a list of specific skills in cartography if interested in being considered for an internship in the Maps Division), to be submitted electronically -- please provide a copy to us for your file and to include with package.

3) Letters of recommendation from 3 faculty members. Please let us know who will be writing letters on your behalf.  Although the guidelines specify that 1 letter needs to come from the applicant's department chair OR academic advisor and 2 from other geography faculty members, we strongly recommend that applicants get a letter from the Department Head, one from her/his geography faculty advisor, and the third from another geography faculty member with whom she/he has worked. Dr. Downs is a particularly good reference because of his extensive work with NGS; Dr. Brewer was once a Geography Intern herself and has many contacts in maps. Faculty can submit letters to Kary or Jess in the main office by 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 8 (so we can send as a package on Wednesday), or directly to you (in sealed envelopes, in which case you're responsible for mailing so that NGS receives by Fri. 10/11 if you don't get them to the office by Tues. afternoon).

4) Transcripts from all colleges/universities you've attended.  If you haven't yet obtained an official Penn State transcript, we have authorization to print transcripts on Department letterhead and include in the package we send. Let us know whether you're providing a transcript or would like us to print one. If you've attended any other institution, you must include an official transcript (study abroad programs for which you've received letter-grades on your Penn State transcript do not need additional documentation; if you have any grades of "TR" on your transcript or degree audit, you need a transcript from that institution).

5) A cover letter that includes the semester (s) that the applicant is available and the first choice.

Kary will be compiling a package to send to NGS with all application materials we've received by 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 8. This package will go out on Wednesday for Friday delivery.  Don't forget to complete the online application, and also to provide us with copies of your essay, resume, faculty recommendations, and non-Penn State transcripts.

**Students, please respond to this message if you plan to apply so we can get an idea of interest**
Faculty/instructors, please encourage students you believe would be strong candidates to apply

Good luck!

Job ID: 5722
Location: Geography Interns

Summary of Position
ELIGIBILITY: Geography and cartography majors at United States colleges and universities who are currently enrolled in their junior or senior year or in a master’s degree program.

PURPOSE OF PROGRAM: To give students a professional learning experience through participation in various projects aimed at the increase and diffusion of geographic knowledge. Interns are given the opportunity to apply knowledge and classroom techniques to practical publication procedures or other geographic outreach projects.

INTERN RESPONSIBILITY: Interns may be assigned to work in one of the many divisions within the National Geographic Society such as education, one of the magazines, books, television, or maps. Assignments may also include work on an increasing number of geographic outreach projects.

Spring:  January 21 through April 25, 2014
Summer:  May 19 through August 22, 2014
Fall:  September 8 through December 19, 2014

LOCATION: Interns will work at National Geographic Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

REMUNERATION: Interns will be paid $450 per week for a 40-hour workweek, plus a travel allowance to help defray expenses in traveling to Washington, DC.

HOUSING: Interns are responsible for their lodging in the Washington, D.C., area, including meals and other living expenses.

Application Requirements
HOW TO APPLY: Students (including those who have applied before) must submit their information through an online application at Please select “Geography Intern” posting to apply.

In addition to the online application, students must furnish all of the following materials:
1. a short essay (500 words or less) relating experiences that led the applicant to formal training in geography, stating his or her professional goals, and explaining why she or he wishes to participate in the National Geographic Geography Intern Program;
2. a complete résumé that includes each of the following: the applicant’s extracurricular activities, awards and recognitions;  employment history; special interests, hobbies, and travel; and a list of specific skills in cartography if interested in being considered for an internship in the Maps Division. 
3. up-to-date official college transcripts, including undergraduate course work if applying as a master’s degree student;
4. three letters of recommendation (one from the applicant’s department chair or academic advisor and two from geography faculty members with whom the applicant has been associated);
5. a cover letter that clearly states the semesters (Spring 2014, Summer 2014, Fall 2014) that the applicant is available and the applicant’s first choice of semesters.

All these materials must be enclosed in one envelope (including the sealed confidential recommendation letters and transcripts) to:

Robert E. Dulli, Director
Geography Intern Program
National Geographic Society
1145 17th Street N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20036-4688

Application Requirements
NOTIFICATION OF SELECTION: Applicants selected for the three sessions in 2014 will be notified by December 13, 2013.

CREDIT FOR INTERNSHIP: Where appropriate, credit for the internship may be possible through an arrangement with the intern’s academic institution and National Geographic.

Internship Deadline
APPLICATION DEADLINE: All applications, both online and mailed, must be received by October 11, 2013. An applicant will not be considered if all required materials are not received at this time.

Equal Opportunity Employer