Univ of Oklahoma Ctr for Spatial Analysis IT/GIS Server/Web GIS developer

Sat, 02/01/2014 - 09:38 -- exf107

The Center for Spatial Analysis (CSA) is looking for an innovative, research-minded candidate to lead the development of computing resources and capabilities within the Center. This career opportunity will involve:

·         Administrate the center’s current IT infrastructure and GIS server networks

·         Maintain the center’s current web GIS applications, database systems, and spatial data warehouse

·         Explore new approaches to optimize IT resources and configurations for GIS applications

·         Research and experiment with new spatial computing technologies with CSA research teams of faculty, research scientists, and students

·         Develop new ideas or workflows to improve GIS operations

·         Participate in research presentations, training, and publications with CSA research teams

CSA is looking for candidates with the following background and qualifications:

·         BS, MS, or Ph.D. from any discipline

·         At least one-year experience with IT administration, web programming, and Web GIS services

·         Programming skills in Python, JavaScript, SQL, and PHP

·         Like to try and learn new things and be innovative

·         Enjoy working with research teams in a collaborative environment

Preferences will be given to candidates with the following skills and experiences:

·         Linux administration, including Active Directory, Virtualization, and Firewalls

·         ArcGIS for Server, ArcSDE, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, and SQL server

As a research center, we work to advance geospatial information science and technology. CSA is an Esri Development Center. Our research projects center on developing new spatial computing approaches with Esri products as well as open source tools. Our applied projects build data resources and services to support state and local government agencies. Our education activities reach out to students on campus, K-12 students, and the general public to broaden GIS awareness and support GIS workforce development. Together, CSA provides a dynamic learning environment with rich opportunities for professional development. Please contact May Yuan (myuan@ou.edu) for questions.