SF community history digital archive looking for mapping help

From: "LisaRuth Elliott" <lisaruth.elliott@gmail.com>
To: grad@geog.psu.edu, jdw213@psu.edu
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 8:59:34 PM
Subject: SF community history digital archive looking for mapping help


Hello Jessica -


We are a community history project looking for student help in developing the mapping aspects of our digital archive. Can you help us pass the below solicitation on to interested graduate students in your program at Penn State?


Thank you!
LisaRuth Elliott
co-director, Shaping San Francisco and Foundsf.org


**Shaping San Francisco, a participatory community history organization, seeks researchers for our mapping projects**


We're hoping to find researchers with academic research projects and interests aligned with our needs, who are willing to help develop our digital history archive's map interface. In turn, we're flexible enough to incorporate your formal research in areas such as community mapping, counter-mapping, geovisualization, various GIS methods, action or participatory research, participatory history, visual analytics, interface design, information visualization. Or whatever other overlaps we can determine together.


More information can be found here and in attached pdf.


Or contact us at shaping@foundsf.org

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