Dept. of Geography News & Events this Week - 3/1/16

March 1, 2016


SensePlace3 Election Edition

Super Tuesday Tweet Mapping. The GeoVISTA Center just released SensePlace3 (SP3) Election Edition. SensePlace3 focuses on Tweets that reference a location by including places or coordinates they are posted from and/or mentioning locations within the text. Try it here:



Sterling Quinn successfully defended his dissertation.


Coffee Hour: Graduate Student Lightening Talks
Each speaker will give a brief talk on their area of research: Jase Bernhardt, John Dzwonczyk, Aparna Parikh, Mark Simpson, Li-San Hung, Catherine Lauvaux.

  • 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.
  • Refreshments are offered in 319 Walker Building at 3:30 p.m.
  • The lecture begins in 112 Walker Building at 4:00 p.m.
  • Coffee Hour To Go Webcast 
  • Next week: Spring Break, No Coffee Hour

SWIG accepting nominations for the Nancy Brown Award
SWIG is now accepting nominations for the Nancy Brown Geography Community Service Award. Named after graduate student and SWIG member Nancy Brown, this award recognizes graduate students who are involved in the department and the community, particularly in ways that go unrecognized in other forums, while completing their degree.

We first ask for nominations. Only names are necessary, but if you have specific reasons for nominating somebody, you may include those as well. After the March 11 deadline, accepting nominees will be asked to provide written statements, at which time there will be a public vote available on Angel. The winner will be recognized at the department’s end of year reception and will receive a small award from SWIG.  Please email all nominations by Friday, March 11, to


Fulbright Features: Teacher makes impact in and outside New Delhi classrooms
By Rachel Passmore (B.S. ’14)

Arriving in India’s capital city of New Delhi was like entering a dusty sauna — my body and brain felt hazy, partly because of the drastic temperature change and partly because of the shock that my dream of living in India and being immersed in the drastic varieties of cultures, religions and customs had turned into reality.

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